How Botox Can Improve Your Eyes And Wrinkles

How Botox Can Improve Your Eyes And Wrinkles

How Botox Can Improve Your Eyes And Wrinkles

Many of us at some point in our lives, either in the past or right now, will have considered whether there is anything that we can do in order to either improve or maintain our looks.

There are so many treatments available, some which are permanent and some which are temporary that claim to have an impact on how we look. Some of these treatments are quite cheap, particularly the temporary ones, whereas many of the permanent ones, such as plastic surgery, can be very expensive.

In reality, those who are looking to make changes will be looking somewhere in the middle, and this is where treatments like Botox in Reading have come into their own in recent years, with around 7.5 million treatments per year taking place throughout Canada.

What is Botox?

Before committing yourself to a Botox treatment, it is very important to understand a number of things. These include; what is Botox? How long does it last? Are there any downsides, disadvantages or risks to having a Botox treatment?

What is commonly known as Botox is actually Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum Toxin is the name of a collection of different chemicals in the Clostridium botulinum family, and only a small number of those (the most common being Botulinum Toxin Type A ) are authorised for cosmetic treatments for humans.

Although the name, Botulinum Toxin, sounds bad, in reality Botox treatments are usually safe in the quantities in which they are administered to people. However, if you are thinking of having Botox treatment there are various things that you should think about.

You should only have a Botox treatment provided by a qualified and experienced professional, who should consult with you first about whether Botox treatment is the correct treatment for you. They will be able to advise you of the potential adverse affects.

A Botox treatment usually involves a direct injection of Botox with a small needle into the site where the treatment is taking place, for example, under the eyes or in an area containing wrinkles.

It works as a neurotoxin directly on the muscles in the area surrounding them by paralyzing the muscles for a short period of time helping them to appear relaxed. Treatments are usually effective for 3-4 months, although that will vary according to the patient and by the strength of the dosage. Higher doses may last longer, but with increased risk of adverse effects, such as muscle weakness, stiffness or pain.

Receiving Botox treatments in Canada

As with many countries in the world, how people can receive Botox treatments is very carefully regulated.

You should be aware of the following restrictions:

  • You must not receive Botox treatments more frequently than every two months (remember that Botox is a toxin).
  • Botox treatments can only be given by a qualified health care provider. You should check before receiving treatment that this is the case for your provider.
  • You should be aware of conditions that might mean that Botox is not suitable, including swallowing or breathing issues and neurological disorders.
  • You should be aware of conditions that definitely mean that Botox is not suitable, including hypersensitivity or infected or inflamed skin.

All these issues should be discussed with your treatment provider before treatment takes placeand are put in place to keep treatments as safe as possible and to give you confidence in the procedure.

Botox for your eyes

A common reason for people undergoing Botox treatment is to improve the area around their eyes. It should be understood that Botox treatment in this sense is not a treatment for eyes, but rather the skin under or around their eyes.

A common reason could be to attempt to improve baggy skin under the eye, or under eye wrinkles. As this area of the face can be very sensitive, Botox treatment in this area should be undertaken with care. 

Your specialist, usually a dermatologist, doctor or plastic surgeon, will discuss the procedure with you prior to it taking place. This will make you aware of the possible adverse effects and risks, as well as making sure that you have a clear understanding of what you want and what you expect from the treatment.

Skin under the eyes can be very sensitive, so prior to the Botox injection itself, the specialist may give you a small local anaesthetic injection first, prior to injecting a small amount of Botox into the specific area requiring treatment. Botox treatments cannot treat dark circles under the eyes, so are not recommended for this issue, where dermal fillers may be more appropriate.

The advantage of the injection of local anaesthetic is that it minimizes pain and bruising.

Botox for wrinkles

As well as Botox treatments for under the eyes, another popular treatment area is for wrinkles on the face. This could be on the sides of the eyes, the sides of the face near the lips, or on the forehead. Wrinkles are often seen as an unattractive sign of ageing by many people, so are a common area for Botox treatment to take place.

As mentioned early, they work by paralyzing the muscles in the appropriate part of the face, meaning that the tension of muscles that often cause wrinkles will be diminished, Again, this is only a temporary treatment that will last 3-4 months depending on the person and the amount of Botox injected. Botox may be injected directly at the site of the wrinkles, or in other areas. For example, Botox is often injected under the eyes in order to treat crow’s feet, wrinkles at the side of the eyes.

Once again, a local anaesthetic may be injected first in order to reduce pain and bruising.

One advantage of Botox compared with other, more invasive treatments, is that you can carry on with life immediately after the treatment rather than waiting for the effects of the treatment to subside.

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Botox treatment is not without its risks and potential adverse effects, but in a well-regulated market with guidance and treatment from a recognised medical professional, it can provide effective, temporary relief for facial skin issues such as wrinkles.