Health Risks of Old Carpets to Kids

Did you know that your carpet could make you sick? It’s the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, and even cockroaches, amongst other things. Most carpet makers advise on getting a new carpet every 7 to 10 years, on average, depending on how well you look after it. Having kids does make it harder to avoid dirt building up though and so you might want to consider carpet removal. The good news is that there are many friendly professionals who can remove your carpet with ease

Health Risks of an Old Carpet 

Young kids need to crawl around on the floor and even play with their toys on their old carpet. If you haven’t had a new carpet for a while then beware of the following that could be lingering deep into your old carpet: 

  • Harmful chemicals 
  • Allergens 
  • Sandy soil
  • Bacteria 

Harmful chemicals 

Many carpets were traditionally manufactured with PFAs to make them resistant to stains and soil. Whilst these chemicals have recently been stopped, many old carpets still have them and these harmful toxins can come off onto hands or toys and be ingested. Nevertheless, even new carpets can sometimes include carcinogens in their manufacturing processes so it's important to get rid of old carpets in a timely manner.


Even if you don’t have asthma now, breathing allergies can develop later in life. Kids are also highly susceptible to them. Moreover, an old carpet is usually full of dust mites whose droppings cause allergies. Then again, what better excuse for great new carpeting?

Sandy soil and Bacteria 

In Western cultures, people tend to walk on their carpets with their outdoor shoes. Have you ever stopped to think about what you’re bringing in from the outside? Any dirt and dust tend to fall into your carpet such that even a hoover can’t remove it all. Not only is it unhygienic for your kids who are constantly digging around with their hands. It’s also wearing away your carpet with everyone stepping over it and grounding the dirt down into your carpet. There’s a reason that Asian cultures leave their shoes outside before entering a house and they don’t even have carpets most of the time because it’s too hot. 


It’s normal to drop things whether it’s food, drinks, or even that old nail varnish. All this breeds bacteria though and can make both you and your kids very sick. 

Carpet Removal 

Now the big question comes: are you a DIYer or do you prefer calling the professionals: 

  • DIY process 
  • Professional support

DIY process 

When it comes to doing carpet removal yourself, you have to first think about whether you can cope with the job. Essentially, removing a carpet is both manual and exhausting. Nevertheless, it’s possible with the following steps:

  • Equipment
  • Process
  • Next steps 


Any DIY job is made easier if you’re organized and if you prepare yourself properly. Make sure you get the proper safety gear first to protect you from dust and general dirt. This includes safety glasses, gloves, and dust masks. Some people even like to include knee pads for removing carpet. 

Then, you’ll need a utility knife, pry bar, hammer, pliers, and a floor scraper to remove the carpet. Don’t forget to include a lot of elbow grease as well. Yes, it can be hard work removing the carpet, especially if you have to scrape glue from the hardwood floors after pulling back your carpet padding. 


The process itself isn’t complex. Essentially, use the pry bar to help you grab a corner of the carpet and then pull. As you pull back, you’ll want to use a utility knife to cut the carpet into manageable strips that you can easily roll before taking them out to the trash. Once you get to the carpet padding, you might also have lots of staples to pull out with your pliers. Then again, your pliers are useful to remove the tack strips and any other staples on the carpet from stairs.

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed your carpet removal, you’ll need to decide if you can install your new carpet or if you want the professionals to do it for you. If you do it yourself, then you’ll have to make sure your floor isn’t damaged and assess your current tack strip. Furthermore, you need to make sure you get the right measurements and the appropriate carpet pad for your new carpet. Don't forget that you'll also need to make sure you have the right equipment so your new carpet is held down properly.

Professional Support

Many of us like to call the professionals because we know the job will be well done and of the highest quality. Also, it can be hard work with all the cutting, pulling, and carrying. Then again, it’s also very satisfying and fulfilling work depending on how many hours you have available. The stress of a deadline can make the whole job a daunting experience.


Parting Words on Regular Carpet Removal to Protect your Kids 

Everyone loves carpets. It’s a glorious feeling being able to wiggle your toes into a deep, cozy carpet. Then again, it’s also a hot spot for bacteria, chemicals, and allergens. Of course, we all do our best when cleaning carpets but nothing is perfect which is why regular carpet removal is important to protect you and your family’s health. Whether you then want to remove your old carpet yourself or call the professionals is completely up to you. Either way, do a bit of planning and you’ll be able to enjoy your new carpet in no time.