Fun Water Sports That You Can Do With The Whole Family

Fun Water Sports That You Can Do With The Whole Family

Fun Water Sports That You Can Do With The Whole Family

When summertime hits, everyone wants to head to the coast or the waterpark to cool down, splash around, and have some fun. It’s simply far more attractive to be playing in the water than it is to be sitting in the heat at home. When you have a family, a trip to the beach or a waterpark can be an amazing way to spend a day with your loved ones.

If you want to take things a little further and have some real fun in the water, you could try one of the many water sports available in coastal regions, by lakes, or in man-made water park facilities. Water sports come in all shapes and sizes, some are easier than others to have a go at, especially if you have young kids, but all of them are super fun. If you’re looking for some fun water sports that you can do with the whole family, read on to find out which to try! 

Towable Fun

One of the easiest and most simple sporty activities to do at the beach is to sit on an inflatable and be dragged along by a speedboat! These towable tubes are found at almost every beach in the world, coming in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for a bit of family fun. You might refer to them as banana boats or towable inflatables, but either way, they’re a huge amount of fun! You don’t need any skills or expertise to have fun on these inflatables, you just need a firm grip and determination to have a good time. This makes this sort of fun totally accessible to the whole family, as anyone can have a go and have a good time! 


Surfing is one of the biggest sports in the world, with an estimated 35 million people taking to the waves every year. You don’t need to be an expert to give surfing a go either, with almost every beachfront in the country offering surfing lessons. You’ll get a chance to learn how to stand on the board and find the perfect wave before taking it to the sea and giving it a try. Even if you have young children, a good surf school will have a set of miniature boards and expert instructors to help your kids learn how to surf and have endless fun in the ocean. The thing with surfing is, once you catch that wave and feel the motion of the board, you’ll want to keep going over and over again!


Canoeing is a fun family activity no matter where you are. If you are at a lakeside resort, you can canoe on the calm waters of the lake and take in some scenery and natural beauty, meaning the whole family can enjoy a calm and safe ride. If you prefer the rivers, you can take a more exhilarating ride downstream to challenge yourself in the waters. Safety is key with canoeing, so everyone will be wearing a life jacket in case of any emergencies or overboard moments. 


Paddleboarding is easy and a fun way to explore a lake or the coastline wherever you are. Standing upright on a surfboard-type board, you will paddle your way around your chosen location. This is in effect a much calmer version of surfing, usually done on calmer waters. If you are feeling adventurous, you can paddle as far as you like down the coastline, stopping at beautiful locations, restaurants, bars, or activity centers. There’s little risk involved in paddleboarding and, once again, everyone will be given life jackets should they require them. 


Sailing is another activity that can be done just about anywhere. You don’t need years of experience to hop in a small craft and sail your way across a lake or along the coast. You need to understand how the boat moves and how to counteract strong breezes. If you are not a strong swimmer, stick to the shallows or sail in a man-made lake in an activity park. If you are more experienced or feel particularly adventurous, choose a location and sail across a stretch of open water to find some lovely new spots. Before you know it, you’ll be planning your solo sail across the Atlantic! 

With these five different water sports, you’ll surely find something suitable for your whole family. Whatever your favorite, give it a go on your next vacation. You’ll have endless hours of fun in the water, whether it’s being thrown off an inflatable or catching that perfect wave on your new surfboard!