Don't Let Diabetes Keep You From Comfort

By default, diabetes is uncomfortable on its own. Frequent urination, increased thirst and appetite, fatigue, unexplained weight loss or weight gain, and other symptoms can force your quality of life to plummet. Still, diabetes doesn’t have to cause permanent discomfort. Despite your symptoms, you can be more comfortable in every aspect of your life, from diet to financial health. By making a few changes and putting in a bit of effort, factors from your daily medicine to your clothes can let you be that much more comfortable from day to day.

Listen to your doctor’s medical advice.



Following your doctor’s guidance is one of the easiest ways to be more comfortable despite diabetes. You take insulin when your blood sugar rises and take the medicine you need whenever you need it. In some cases, you even find ways to lower the cost of your medication, with options like a Januvia coupon ensuring you can afford your treatment. Many patients would otherwise stray from their doctor’s directive to take a medicine like Januvia when it put too much strain on their budget. With or without a discount or coupon, you must listen to your doctor’s instructions and follow through with each medicine or other aspect of your treatment plan.

Understand your insurance coverage.



While paying for a month’s supply of life-sustaining tablets can be overwhelming, the costs of your pharmacy visits aren’t the only sources of financial stress with diabetes. Even the healthiest person can struggle to understand the ins and outs of health insurers! The right insurance agency for you will help you understand the necessary aspects of your Medicare or other insurance plans. In the United States, in particular, insurance policies like a medicare advantage plan are required, yet unnecessarily confusing for the average patient. A medicare insurance agency or other dedicated health insurance professionals can decrease your stress levels by helping you figure out the technicalities of Medicare, Medicaid, or another insurance plan, leaving you more space for the joys and comforts that come without a deductible.

Figure out what works for you.



Listening to your doctor’s instructions is key to creating a health plan in the face of diabetes. Beyond this, though, you must pay attention to your healthcare needs and preferences yourself, too. For some patients, their go-to products from may be the only way to relieve their severe joint pain. Others might swear by ginger tea to alleviate the nausea associated with diabetic ketoacidosis. Hemp products or home remedies, a treatment method doesn’t have to be conventional—if it works for you and your doctor‘s given their approval to take Delta North gummies or drink ginger tea every day, all that matters is that it works for you.

Control what comfort you can.



With diabetes or any chronic health condition, there’s a long list of factors you can’t control. By taking control of the qualities you can regulate, you can give yourself that much more solace amidst your symptoms. Clothing, for example, can offer a bit of comfort, even with health concerns or disabilities. A ruana wrap can keep you warm amidst the cold of a diabetic’s circulation, while a light tank top or shorts will keep you cool against the dangerous complications of heatstroke some patients may face. Other clothes, like compression stockings, are made specifically with a diabetic patient’s needs in mind. You don’t know when the side effects of diabetes will impact your quality of life, but you can add a little extra comfort to other areas of your life to compensate for when they do.

Save money wherever possible.



Diabetes itself gives you enough to worry about—you don’t need the added stress of balancing your budget, too. By cutting costs whenever you can, you’ll have more wiggle room in terms of your finances and less stress as a result. This includes decreasing medical expenses, yes, but it applies to other areas of your life as well. Take the time to adjust your budget and cull unnecessary out-of-pocket costs so you can decrease your stress levels and improve your quality of life overall. One less thing to worry about means that much more space to enhance your day-to-day life.

Rethink comfort food recipes.



The dietary restrictions that come with a diabetes diagnosis will most likely exclude your favorite comfort foods. Fortunately, there are many diabetes-friendly comfort food recipes available to give you a taste of home that’s a bit healthier. Try substituting your standard pasta with spaghetti squash, or invest in an air fryer to avoid the grease of traditional fried foods. With many of these healthy swaps, you’ll hardly notice the difference because the dish still tastes so great! This revamped menu will offer all the nostalgia and comfort of your long-time favorites with a lot fewer health risks.

Take preventive action in advance.



Taking action to prevent diabetes complications from the earliest point possible will help you avoid any additional sources of discomfort. For example, certain medicines used to treat diabetes can increase your risk for pancreatitis. Talk to your doctor ahead of time about any potentially negative side effects of prescription drugs they’ve included in your treatment plan and how you can minimize the risks associated with them. You can’t go back in time and prevent your diabetes diagnosis, but you can make an effort now to fend off future health issues.


When living with diabetes, you’ll have to deal with a lot of discomforts. From pricking your finger to check for high or low blood sugar to dealing with symptoms like frequent urination, severe joint pain, or dizziness, When you have the opportunity to increase your level of comfort, embrace it! Save yourself the trouble of dealing with an unhelpful insurance company by switching to a better, more helpful provider who’ll guide you through your coverage. You might turn to a comfortable sweater or ruana as you succumb to drowsiness after a long day. Be open to comfort where you can find it, even if it’s not a conventional treatment option. From ordering a cozy ruana to getting a discount with a 90-day supply of Januvia or another prescription medicine, there are many ways to add a bit of comfort to your life despite diabetes.