Does THC Affect Men and Women Differently?

Does THC Affect Men and Women Differently?

Does THC Affect Men and Women Differently?


Cannabis is becoming popular all over the world. People use it for medical or recreational purposes. For now, nine states are accepted to legalize recreational weed, and some allow the prescription of medical weed.

The compound that was once demonized is now taking an essential spot in medicine. But, on the other hand, the use of cannabis is one of the most popular recreational activities among youngsters. Regardless of gender, most people have tried cannabis in their lifetime. For example, whereas some people choose to use cannabis by vaping and investing in the best cannabis vaporizer, others prefer to experiment with cannabis-infused edibles, skincare products, and oils. Ultimately, with more cannabis products hitting the shelves every single day, it is not a surprise that cannabis use in areas where it has been legalized is increasing.

Some studies show that men predominate in numbers, but also a significant number of cannabis users are women. The difference between the sexes is natural. Men and women differ in many ways, mentally, physically, physiognomically, and how cannabis affects both.

Both women and men, and even animals, have an endocannabinoid system, also endocannabinoid receptors. But the way men and women respond and react to cannabis may be different in many ways. So let’s find out the reasons. 

Why THC has different effects on genders


It is already clear that men and women differ in many fields. They differ in hormones, anatomy, genetics, and also in processing emotions and information. All in all, the differences are apparent, and studies have demonstrated that.

Cannabis has proven to be another evidence that there is a significant difference between the genders in behavior, psychological, and physical aspects. This is because THC and all the chemical components of cannabis affect receptors in the brain. Sex hormones strongly influence these receptors, so there is a significant difference in how THC affects women and how it affects men.

CBD products, Vapes from the best vape sellers, also affect these receptors, but they don’t have the same effects as THC. To be precise, active components of CBD and THC affect the endocannabinoid system in many different ways. 

Men and women have different experiences, needs, and reasons why they use cannabis. Another possible reason is metabolic differences. Biological research demonstrates that women and men metabolize THC and other active components of cannabis differently. 

How THC affects females


Because of female hormones, such as estrogen, women have a higher sensitivity to THC. On the other hand, they can quickly develop tolerance. That’s a bit problematic for those who use weed for medical treatments, as they will soon need a larger amount for successful treatment.

In women, tolerance to THC depends on the menstrual cycle. Consequently, during ovulation, women tolerate THC intake very sensitively. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Conversely, when estrogen levels are balanced at the peak of menstruation, they react very well to the active components of cannabis.

Women often experience a greater sexual drive when consuming cannabis. Also, cannabis can regulate an irregular and menstrual cycle followed by cramps. Women are more likely to feel dizzy when using marijuana and may develop memory problems. That’s certainly not always the case, and reactions are different for each individual.  

However, women may have a lower response to the therapeutic properties of cannabis and its other compounds. Simply put, they might need a higher dose to feel the beneficial properties of cannabis. 

How THC affects males


Unlike very few studies conducted on women, it’s far more investigated how cannabis affects men. The biggest reason for this is because most cannabis users are males. Questioning both sexes found that men may be more attracted to chemical substances than women.

Men use cannabis in larger quantities than women. Also, the chances are high that when they develop tolerance to cannabis, they switch to other substances that will cause them similar chemical reactions. Women do not have as much need for food after consuming marijuana, and men often experience the widespread munchies feeling.

Although very rare, men tend to develop some of the disorders if they overdo it. Such as sleep disorders, panic attacks, and decreased sexual desire. In contrast, men are more likely to benefit from the analgesic properties of cannabis. In addition, for male users, the combination of CBD and THC can help relieve various painful inflammations.

Excessive levels of THC in men can also lead to a decrease in testosterone levels. Decreased testosterone levels lead to lower libido and poor sexual drive and performance. Nevertheless, THC cannot permanently interfere with testosterone production. It is enough for men to take a short break and not consume cannabis for a while, and the testosterone balance returns to normal very quickly.


THC does not necessarily affect women and men differently. Much depends on genetics, weight, and tolerance created by the organism. However, it is undoubtedly vital that you know how cannabis may affect you as an individual. After you learn the properties and effects, you may recognize the different patterns of THC on both genders. 

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