Creating a Romantic Backyard Date Space

Creating a Romantic Backyard Date Space

Creating a Romantic Backyard Date Space

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels 

Surprising your loved one with a romantic date is nowadays really challenging to do. As many Hollywood romance movies set upon us seemingly impossible or just costly dating experiences, it can be rather hard to top that up and create an unforgettable night. However, if you don't want to visit some familiar outdoor space like a coffee shop or an exquisite restaurant, but still want to make it a night to remember, then use up your backyard space. For a remarkable backyard date, you don't need much, just your creativity and goodwill. Here are some of the astonishing ideas to create a fabulous date night your partner will never forget.

Cook something new and delicious together

No matter whether you are a new couple out on your first date, or you've been going out for some time and desire to spice things up, everybody loves to try new food. And what a good way to bond even more closely than by learning to cook a new dish together. By doing something neither of you has done before, you definitely won't spoil your first date, and you’ll establish an enchanting vibe. Besides being a new skill you could acquire together, cooking is a perfect activity for a date night as you will be talking and sipping great red wine while preparing delicious food and messing around with new ingredients.

Have a picnic  

Nowadays, in the US you can find numerous restaurants that offer fantastic takeaway food, and when you combine good food, a blanket, fine wine, and your backyard – you have a night to remember. You can even make your date a special homemade dish for the picnic or just spread out some fruit and cookies, but just don't neglect to mow the lawn, water the grass hours beforehand, trim the hedges and clean the backyard. To avoid any mishaps get a quality retractable hose reel that will help you water even the most far-off area. Check out the Hoselink Us website to get the best watering solution for your garden and create a flabbergasting picnic. 

Embrace stargazing

Watching the stars can be an utterly romantic way to start your date. Stargazing is a great way to spend a night together while enjoying various astronomical phenomenons and drink some wine while you explore the vast area. Spread a nice blanket in your backyard, get a few funky and soft pillows, and don't forget about wine or other refreshing beverages. If you can, try to get or rent a telescope to make things even more exciting. To impress your date, you can learn a few astronomical facts to impress her. 

Create an unconventional movie night 

Escaping the seemingly cliché idea of "going out for dinner and a movie" can be rather hard. Hence, you can spruce things up a little and create a sensational outdoor movie night by placing a wide white sheet over the taught line, connect a projector and turn an ordinary backyard date into a mesmerizing movie night. Before you ask someone for a romantic date, rent or borrow a projector, get a sheet, tape, rope, popcorn, a blanket, and some floor cushions, and voila. Besides snacks, get drinks, and choose adequate movies for a guaranteed good time. 

Try out a fiery delight

Firepit and marshmallows, that's all you need. Nobody can say "no" to roasting s'mores, listening to great tunes, and sitting next to a person you fancy. Therefore, to set up this backyard date you should have a built-in fire pit, get an attractive portable one, or just light a fire, marshmallow, or other sweet delights you could roast, scour the backyard for sticks long enough to keep you safe from fire flames as you roast the marshmallows. Make sure you light the fire appropriately, so you might want to consult someone experienced in that matter. 

Opt for an invigorating themed date 

Try out a refreshing and stimulating backyard date night by going for a creative theme date. You could decorate the entire backyard with white paper lanterns, hang white linen draperies, place white candles and ask your date to wear all white. Another idea could include a sports-themed backyard date. Here you could grill ribs or throw some hotdogs on the grill, get few beers, and dress casually and watch a football game. On the other hand, you can dress up light, get a large bowl to throw in raspberries, mint, and add gin and tonic, get tortilla chips, make a mouthwatering cheese dip, and watch a good Mexican series on the patio. 

A teepee storytelling

Create your very own little restaurant in the backyard by setting up a tent or a teepee and placing velvet cushions or wide pillows. The idea is to get closer, and probably a teepee is a more lovable option. Once you put up the tent, get a Bluetooth radio, find some cool tunes, and get a flashlight. For this fun date you could be telling various stories about each other's past, reminiscing about the things and deeds you used to do. This will undoubtedly make you bond more and make the backyard date more enticing.

Organize cheese and wine tasting event

Organize a totally bedazzling backyard date by setting up a stall with various types of cheese and wine to taste. Of course, for this event invite only your date, but make it sound and look important and eventful. Dress up elegantly, get a nice table cloth, light scented candles, hang colorful string lights, and get exquisite wine and cheese from around the globe. Sort the cheese on a nice wooden platter, and pour a small amount of wine, so you could maximally enliven all your senses. This backyard date idea will surely get your date asking for more.

Go for a casual grill

You can still have a wondrous backyard date by getting a small, fancy, portable gas grill and getting rolling. Eating hamburgers may not sound so romantic, but this comfort food is a great way to start the conversation flowing. Without the need to dress appropriately or worry about how your hairstyle or makeup looks, just dress light and watch how your date masters grilling. You could drink cold beer and listen to popular songs while you wait for the meat to be done. If your date is a vegetarian, you could grill some vegetables and make a delicious veggie burger, and immediately surprise her with your cooking skills.



Creating a spellbinding backyard date has never been so easy. You can always upgrade things by playing an instrument, singing, and dancing, but the most important thing is to maintain your garden space in good shape.