Common problems for those with glasses and how to deal with them

Common problems for those with glasses and how to deal with them

Wearing glasses can be an absolute pain. Especially, if you don’t like to wear them. It can mean that you have to choose between seeing and comfort. They are easy to lose and are not always the easiest to purchase. However, there are ways to combat these issues without the need for laser eye surgery or getting contacts. This article will give some ways to deal with common issues for glasses wearers. 


Wearing sunglasses seems like such an easy choice when the weather is nice or if you are on holiday. However, if you are already a glasses wearer then you may face a difficult choice. You can be protected from the sun, or you can see properly. Neither of these is an ideal choice. However, more recently there has been the invention of bifocal sunglasses that can not only protect your eyes from harm but also allow you to see. This is especially important if you are a driver and have had to do a long commute on a sunny day. Now there is no need to sacrifice one for the other. 

 Foggy Lenses

Enjoying hot food, a cup of coffee or even just entering a warm room can cause instant confusion and disorientation for a glasses wearer. It can make even the happiest occasion a little bit of a drag. You cannot compromise on wearing glasses so instead, you have to fight the fog that stains your glasses. One way in which you can combat this phenomenon by washing your glasses with mild soap and plain water before wearing them. Use a microfibre cloth to avoid moisture formation. 


Wearing bifocals and headaches are common problems for glasses wearers. This tends to happen when using a mobile device or computer. Unfortunately, traditional bifocals were not designed for prolonged exposure to screens. No-line bifocals are often the better option for you to take. Also, if you are still getting headaches then it is likely that your prescription may be wrong and that you are straining your eyes subconsciously. Have your optician test your eyes if you face this regularly. 

Night Glare

A common problem for many glasses wearers is the experience of night glare when driving at night. This can be extremely dangerous. The contrast of darkness and the intensity of headlights can make a stressful driving situation that may result in panic and crashes. The best way to combat this for a glasses wearer is to buy an anti-reflective coating to minimize the glare from external sources. This can make driving and see much easier during the evening. 


It can be a massive pain to wear glasses but that should not mean that you are forced to wear contacts or spend extortionate amounts on laser eye surgery. There are always ways of dealing with your problems, you just have to be creative sometimes. Stay ahead of the game and keep your eyes out for all the hints and tricks that can make your life easier.