Colleague Award Ideas and Fun Titles for Work Events

Colleague Award Ideas and Fun Titles for Work Events

Colleague Award Ideas and Fun Titles for Work Events

If you've watched "The Office" before, then you'll know about The Dundies. Every year, the office heads to Chili's to have a spectacular employee awards night, which always ended up in hilarious situations.

Are you hosting a work event soon? Then you want to pull one off that's just as memorable as The Dundies.

Luckily, we're here with some award ideas! Read on for some unforgettable employee recognition awards.

Class Clown

In high school, you had a class clown who won that award in the yearbook. So why not have the same title for the company clown?

Your office jokester will definitely feel appreciated and acknowledged for all the entertainment they provide. And they'll have a trophy to prove it too!

Emoji King/Queen

We're in a time period where emoji usage can convey so much. You know what they say, after all: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Of course, there's an art to using emojis. And maybe there's an employee who knows just how to pick and combine emojis so everyone's howling in laughter.

So go ahead and give them one of these funny employee awards!

YOLO Award

In your workplace, everyone probably works hard but plays hard as well. However, there might be one colleague that stands out when it comes to their attitude towards life and their experiences.

For the worker who truly lives life to the fullest, give them a YOLO award.

Walking Encyclopedia

Some employees are truly dedicated to learning everything they can about the job. They might even have a real thirst for knowledge outside of work!

For most people who love to learn, they might feel self-conscious about it. Why not do something positive and give them an award that recognizes what an achievement they made?

When it comes to list of award categories, this might be one of the best to make your employees feel good about themselves!

Caffeine Addict

We all need a cup or two of hot coffee to get us through the day. But is there an employee who guzzles it down like it's nothing?

Show them your awe and appreciation for just how much java they can throw down their throats. Designate them as the biggest caffeine addict in the workplace!

Office Parent

The Office Parent title is great for employee award ideas. There's got to be someone who feels maternal or paternal towards everyone and genuinely cares about the workers' well-being. Everybody loves and confides in them, so make sure they know just how much you appreciate them!

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Use These Award Ideas for Your Next Work Event

Should you have any upcoming work events, you now have some award ideas to use. Of course, feel free to put your own twists on them, as this will make things even more special. Everyone will be talking about the event for years to come and they'll definitely treasure their awards!

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