Check The Best Golf Apparel That Can Keep Up With Your Fashion Style

Check The Best Golf Apparel That Can Keep Up With Your Fashion Style

Check The Best Golf Apparel That Can Keep Up With Your Fashion Style 

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Many sports teams wear uniforms. But golf is one of those that doesn’t, which allows golfers the freedom to wear something that’s both practical and fashionable. 

But golf also has particular rules around what can and can’t be worn. With that in mind, we’ll be looking at golfers clothing that can keep up with your fashion style without breaking the rules.

Check these out! 

Golf Shirts 

No t-shirts allowed! Collared shirts are the standard for golfers, being smarter and cooler. Wearing a full collared shirt can be uncomfortable for some, so it’s become the norm to don a polo shirt while playing. Women should wear a shirt that covers the midriff and has a modest neck opening. 

Whichever shirt you choose should be moisture-wicking, quick-drying and made of a breathable material and pairing it up with polarized golf sunglasses will complete your look.

Here are some fashionable polo shirts we recommend trying if you want to be legal, comfortable and stylish on the course. 

Golf Pants 

No jeans or short/tight shorts. Your pants should be classy and professional. Golf slacks are the best choice, although khakis may be acceptable on some courses. 

Choose something comfortable and remember that you’ll be leaning and bending on the course. A belt is a good addition, and we recommend not wearing pants with cuffs as debris can accumulate in them. 

Shorts are acceptable as long as they’re smart and come up to just above the knee. They should be cut like a smart pair of slacks, and not too tight. 

Here are some excellent options that are fashionable and can be mixed and matched with almost any golf shirt. 

Golf Shoes 

In the days of old, metal spikes were the norm. But today, most golf courses require shoes with soft spikes. Some courses will allow running shoes or sneakers, but not all. You definitely won’t be allowed to wear open shoes or other street shoes. 

Invest in a pair of proper golf shoes with rubber or plastic spikes, or small studs (known as spikeless shoes). Spikeless shoes often look more like casual running shoes, so you will need to do your homework to make sure you’re getting the right thing. 

As long as your shoes are legal, you can get as creative as you want with color and style. Here are some excellent choices: 

Other Golf Apparel 

Other apparel you may want to wear on the golf course to elevate your sense of style include: 

A Hat 



Golf and fashion overlap perfectly. If you’re a golfer who also enjoys fashion, you can look every bit as stylish on the course as you do off it. 

Make sure you’re sticking to the golf apparel rules when you step onto the course. As long as you’re within the apparel regulations, you can be as creative as you like when it comes to dressing up. 

Have fun! 


Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who has decades of experience playing, coaching and mentoring. You can find his advice, tips, and tricks on Golf Influence