Canine Separation Anxiety- How CBD Emerges As A Promising Treatment

Canine Separation Anxiety- How CBD Emerges As A Promising Treatment

Canine Separation Anxiety- How CBD Emerges As A Promising Treatment

If you have a canine companion, you will probably understand the seriousness of separation anxiety. It is hard to handle, both for the pet and the owner. The problem has emerged as a widespread one right now, as life gets back to the usual and people rejoin work. Believe it or not, leaving your dog back home can have you worried, even if it was never an issue before. It is vital to look for a solution that helps without hassle, and CBD emerges as a savior. Let us explain how it serves as a viable option for dealing with canine separation anxiety. 

Calming effects

A change in routine or isolation can have dire effects on the canine brain. If your pet experiences separation anxiety, you can expect to see symptoms such as whining, howling, panting, pacing, and shaking. In worst cases, it will even urinate or defecate unexpectedly. It happens when the animal feels stressed due to an increase in secretions of cortisol and adrenaline hormones. CBD works by countering these effects with an increase in serotonin levels in the brain. The feel-good hormone induces a feeling of calmness and relaxation and eases the dog’s anxiety. It will be able to deal with the situation better, regardless of the stress and isolation.

A little goes a long way

When it comes to using CBD for pets, you have to stick to an apt dosage. The good thing is that a little goes a long way. But you have to consider various factors while deciding the relevant dosage for anxiety for your pet. Consider things like the animal’s weight and age and the severity of the condition. Typically, 2 mg per 10 pounds is regarded as safe and effective for dogs. You can start smaller and see how it works for your dog and gradually increase the dose till it resolves the separation anxiety problem significantly. You can get some helpful advice from fellow dog owners to understand an optimal value for your pet’s CBD dosage.

Choosing the right product is important 

Another factor to bear in mind while using CBD to handle canine separation anxiety is the right product. You can try CBD oil or treats, depending on your expectations regarding ease of administration. Treats are easier to feed, though you can even work with oil or tincture with some practice. You only need to administer it on time, so the pet is at ease before you leave, and stays comfortable until you return. Also, remember that products for humans do not work for animals. Pick high-quality, organic CBD to ensure safety and good results with the therapy. Check the THC content on product labels and steer clear of ones that have it because it is psychoactive.

CBD can be an excellent remedy for canine separation anxiety, provided you have your facts right. Sticking to an optimal dosage is the key and choosing quality products is equally vital. You can seek recommendations from your pet to be extra confident. But rest assured, CBD is absolutely safe, and you can use it for your canine companion without second thoughts.