A Summary of BetterHelp’s Most Interesting Dating Advice Responses

A Summary of BetterHelp’s Most Interesting Dating Advice Responses

A Summary of BetterHelp's Most Interesting Dating Advice Responses

With dating apps like Tinder and Bumble being the new go-to for singles, looking for dating advice online has become very common.  Be it for first-time daters or someone who has been in multiple relationships, there are solutions and advice out there for everyone.

Dating can be tricky, starting with finding someone with the same interests and goals as you and then continuing to make things work. BetterHelp is a great place to look for life advice and resources to improve your life, including your mental health and relationships.

Listed below are some of BetterHelp’s Most Interesting Dating Advice to help you explore their options and find solutions.


Making long-distance relationships work

Being in a long-distance relationship is a tough choice, but something that stems from years of hard work put into a relationship. The willingness to make something work even from miles apart is a beautiful thing. 

Long-distance relationships can be hard, there’s no doubt about that, especially for couples who lived together or spent most of their time together. Staying in different cities can temporarily alter that balance people have created for their relationships. Struggling in a long-distance relationship is not uncommon, but human. 

Medical professionals suggest that the struggle and relationship “problems” stem from fear; the fear of being replaced or of being alone is a scary thought and many people lash out as a defense mechanism. Identifying and acknowledging this root cause may help one get over this fear and even strengthen the bond of one’s relationship. 

If we observe, we see that more often than so, fear drives us to make most of our choices, especially when it comes to the people we love. To combat this, one must communicate and set healthy boundaries. This can be done by setting a scheduled time to talk and unwind at the end of the day. Being honest and expressing your emotions is one of the best ways to bring one closer to their partner and give long-distance a real chance.


Rebuilding confidence after a break-up

Rebuilding confidence levels after a breakup can be one of the hardest things to do. When emotions are at an all-time high, taking the first step to heal and be confident again takes effort and determination. 

Unlearning old habits and thought patterns can be difficult for people who do not have constructive outlets or coping mechanisms. People have different ways to try to block out emotions and feelings of pain, and unfortunately, not all of them are considered healthy enough to inspire long-term results. 

During this phase, some people bottle up their emotions and some are overly emotional. Both are normal and human signs of coping from heartbreak. If emotions are getting too difficult to process, visiting a therapist may shed some light on your situation. 

An expert may suggest letting time heal those wounds, but also suggest alternative coping mechanisms to speed up the process. Some examples of coping mechanisms are cooking, making art, and various forms of talking therapy. Also, never be afraid of giving love a second chance. Listen to other people's introductions on Callfreechatlines and choose a caller with whom your vibe matches the most. Who knows, you might come across a partner that you'll love for the rest of your life.


Establishment of stringent gender roles in a relationship

Being confined to gender roles can be an easy trap to fall into and a difficult habit to break. Changing oneself to the ever-changing modern world requires effort and acceptance, which, unfortunately, many people refuse to accept. 

Taking the example of money and money troubles, every relationship has its own dynamic and rules when it comes to this. Assumptions about who will be the breadwinner, who will control the money, and who will stay home with children can be damaging. Particularly for women, it can be easy to lose control and agency in a relationship and then feel trapped. 

Honest communication about your expectations for the future and developing equal responsibilities in your relationship may be helpful.

Experts suggest that being true to oneself is the most important thing in a relationship. Having a discussion on what you want prior to getting in one is recommended, or before living together or getting engaged. 

Another useful tip is to act like someone you want to attract. By being confident and assertive, you attract a partner looking for the same thing. A date should be fun, enjoyable and somewhere you can get to know the other person.


Regret as an obstacle in relationships

Regret is an emotion often felt in relationships when two people have very different and extensive relationship histories. One may regret their actions in previous relationships or regret something done in a present one. 

The feelings of regret from both options mostly stem from bad communication or behavioral patterns that one’s significant other does not approve of. Writing down your thoughts, self-evaluating, and making a plan are some ways in which you can take the first step to deal with feelings of regret. 

As experts suggest, some healthy ways to work around and address regret are communicating effectively, no matter how hard it seems, setting healthy boundaries, letting your significant other know what triggers you and what doesn’t, and visiting a counselor. 


Although dating can be hard, especially for first-timers, learning to put aside expectations and enjoy your date’s company as a unique relationship are good first steps. When things get serious, BetterHelp is always there to help you with advice and solutions.