9 Types of Exercise to Tone Your Whole Body

9 Types of Exercise to Tone Your Whole Body

9 Types of Exercise to Tone Your Whole Body

If you want to have a perfectly toned body, you can achieve that through regular exercise. But there are tons of options and endless information out there that can easily make your head spin. Fortunately, this guide will discuss 9 types of exercise to tone your whole body. 

  1.     The Squat

The squat is a perfect example of a full-body exercise that can help you achieve a perfectly toned body. Many people think of it as a great leg workout but it’s one of the most effective full-body exercises that engage every muscle in your body. If your goal is to tone your entire body, you can never go wrong with squats.

  1.     The Push-Up

A push-up engages every muscle in your body and can be performed practically anywhere, at any time. Daily push-ups improve not only your function but also your core strength. Go a step ahead and experiment with wide to narrow push-ups with your knees on the ground and arms on either side of the agility speed ladders. Do pushups with your chest bending to the ground while shifting the hands into the ladder square. They are also effective in preventing injuries to the back or shoulder. Although the bench press is a fantastic alternative, we tend to lift less weight in the bench press compared to a push-up.  One study revealed that a full push-up results in lifting 66.4 percent of the entire body weight.

  1.     Burpees

This amazing exercise doesn’t require any equipment and can be done even at home. When done daily, burpees can tone your chest, arms, back, legs, core, and glutes. It helps you burn more calories and can even increase your metabolism, especially if you complete about 10 sets a minute.

  1.     The Pull-Up

The pull-up is an effective workout to target your back. On top of working the back muscles, this exercise also targets other muscles like the deltoid and biceps. The arms and back pull the entire body up while the abs keep the lower body from bending. You can work more on your arm by having your palms facing up while holding the pull-up bar. Usually it is better to have some support equipment for this type of exercise, there are multiple gym equipment out there that you can buy and that will help you with your pull up workout. 

  1.     Triceps Dips

Most people focus more on their biceps and less on triceps and then wonder why their arms are still saggy despite all their efforts. If you want to tighten up your arms, then you must also target your triceps with the right exercise. And a triceps dip is a perfect example of an exercise that can strengthen that muscle. You can do it at home with the help of a stable chair.

  1.     Planks

Planks work your abdominal muscles as well as your entire body. Unlike crunches or sit-ups, planks strengthen your core without exerting excess pressure on your back. To complete planks the right way: 

  • Assume a push-up position, ensuring your hands and toes are tightly holding the ground. Also, keep your back straight and tighten your core.
  • Maintain your chin in a slightly tucked position, with your eyes fixed in front of the hands.
  •  Engage your abs, triceps, quads, shoulders, and glutes by maintaining tension all over the body. Be sure to take controlled breaths throughout the reps.
  • Complete 3-4 sets of 40-60 seconds hold.
  1.     The Lunge

The Lunge is a workout that targets a variety of muscles simultaneously. In addition to increasing your flexibility and core strength, this exercise also tones your thighs. Be sure to follow the right technique to lower the risk of injury when completing the lunge. Once you master how to complete the lunge correctly, you can even add weights for better results.

  1.     Dumbbell for Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, and Arms

Adding dumbbells into your exercise routine is an effective way to engage every muscle and tone your whole body. To strengthen your chest muscles, try the dumbbell flys and dumbbell seat presses. Engage your back muscles with dumbbell presses and your shoulders with dumbbell overhead presses or dumbbell front raise. Work both triceps and biceps with one-sided dumbbell curls. For the legs, dumbbell squats will work magic for you.

  1.     Biking

Biking is an effective cardio exercise. It can help you burn up to 400 calories in 60 minutes. It also tones your lower body, from legs to thighs to hips to glutes. So, if you want an exercise that’ll work your back, hips, and legs gently, then you should get an electric bike. If you’d like to be even more practical about it, you can simply integrate an electric bike kit to your normal bike, and transform it into an electric bike. The good thing about them is that they are pedal-assisted, and as such, offer you an effortless ride experience, tones your body, but don’t put too much strain on you!

If you are planning to start your workout routine at your home, make sure to have the right tools and provide your room with HVAC equipment to cool and maintain the airflow. 

Final thoughts 

These 9 types of exercises will target several muscles concurrently. They’ll help you burn fats faster, build muscle mass quickly, and tone your whole body. Combine some of these exercises to create a simple yet powerful workout routine that will help you achieve your fitness goals.