9 Tips For A Healthy, Happy Mind And Body

9 Tips For A Healthy, Happy Mind And Body

9 Tips For A Healthy, Happy Mind And Body

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Most of us are looking for ways to improve the health of their mind and body for a happier, more peaceful existence. Unfortunately, though, we struggle to find time to care for ourselves amongst busy schedules. 

These quick tips for a happy mind and body are the perfect way to boost your self care routine. 

1. Create a good sleep schedule

Getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night is the best way to keep your mind and body healthy. If you do not get enough sleep, it can lead to issues such as anxiety and depression, lacklustre skin and other problems. 

Having the energy to start your day well can make a massive difference, and helps boost your mood so you can achieve everything you want to. Try to have a consistent bedtime routine to help you sleep better.

2. Mind your mindfulness

Engaging in mindfulness activities regularly can also be beneficial. As well as stimulating your mind and helping you to cope with and process your emotions, mindfulness also helps your body as it reduces stress. 

Try activities such as going mindful gardening, mindful eating or doing single tasks to ground you in the moment and relax your mind from the stresses of the day. Engaging with the present is a great relaxant for your body and mind.

3. Meditate regularly

Another great form of mindfulness is meditation, a practice that helps you to focus on your breathing to relax your body. Meditation can calm your mind and free it from the stresses of issues such as anxiety to help you relax. 

If you're new to mediation, start with small-time slots such as five to ten minutes per day and gradually increase the time. It can also be recommended to follow tutorials or guided meditations to help you get in the zone. And while doing so, you can introduce gemstones and crystals to help balance, enhance, and unblock the seven chakra energy centers. By choosing the best mala beads, you can easily get access to these stones.

4. Have fun with friends

The quickest way to improve your mood is to spend time with those you love. Organising regular activities or meet ups with friends, family and other loved ones is great for your body and mind as the happiness it provides has many benefits. 

Spending time with friends and family can help alleviate loneliness, as well as keep you entertained. Frequent happy experiences can help you deal better with stress, and overall boosts your mood.

5. Improve your mood with food

Having a well balanced and nutritious diet also can improve your body and your mind as you are yourself with the vital nutrition you need. As well as improving your mind, eating well can have a great effect on your body too, helping you to lose weight, tone up and overall have a healthier appearance. It can also boost the appearance of your skin. 

Ensure you drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day too, as staying hydrated is important to allow your brain to function correctly.

6. Enjoy your exercise

Getting up and active is also essential for a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. Participating in thirty minutes of exercise a day can help to release positive hormones like serotonin and endorphins which boost your mood to make you happier. 

Additionally, regular exercise can help you live a longer life by improving your health, as well as benefits your skin, muscles and bones.

7. Detox from social media

Spending too much time on social media is proven to have a negative impact on the brain. It can lead to lower self-esteem, confidence issues, anxiety and depression as well as consuming time that could be dedicated to other activities that bring you joy. 

Limit your time on social media daily so you're not overexposed, and instead make time for real-life activities.

8. Take a holiday

Regular holidays from work and your everyday life are crucial to help you function the rest of the year. Whether you decide to travel somewhere new, go camping in your favourite forest or just relax on the sofa with your family, giving yourself regular breaks can improve your mind and your body by eliminating the regular stresses of life.

9. Try journaling

Keeping a record of your thoughts, feelings and experiences can be a great way to improve your body and mind as it can give you an outlet for your emotions. Being able to oppress yourself in a healthy way can improve your mood and keep you smoking. 

Looking after yourself with self-care can change your life in so many ways. Treat yourself and improve your mind and body with these 9 quick tips to help you be happy in your day to day life.