7 tips to become a famous online blogger

7 tips to become a famous online blogger

7 tips to become a famous online blogger

If done correctly, blogging can be pretty lucrative. Obviously, the top bloggers around the world earn a good deal, but if things are right, even a part-time blogger can expect to make a good profit. The best part is blogging is a form of passive income, since you can write content for only a few hours a week and then continue to take advantage of it long after it is finished.

How do you stand out with so many wonderful arts, heritage, and creative blogs? How do you get people back and increase the number of visitors and a loyal following?

Here are my top 7 tips for a successful creative blog.

Get started

Your first challenge is to select a blogging platform. There are many free choices, including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and TypePad. They all feature free design themes, so it's easy to begin by customizing your own blog. And if you don't know how to use it, there are many online video tutorials available on the Web - WordPress, for instance, has its own classroom to help you get started.

When you start to build a website, you need to make your own website that expresses and stimulates creativity. A webmaster can upload, or be driven to be more productive, a certain amount of content every week or month. For writers, artists, musicians, and all other artists this is the case. The creation of art is part of the website development and vice versa.

Pick a Niche

Try finding a niche when selecting a creative topic for a blog. Make your blog very specific, and both your search engines and your readers will please you. Try to not be too general and concentrate on and adhere to a specialized topic. Find and take your own niche – remember to stay on the topic.

Produce great contents

Evergreen contents are a timeless resource for helping audiences find the best solutions. Successful bloggers create always green content to achieve lasting results.

Basically, you cover in-depth solutions to your problems when you create evergreen content for your blog readers. These blog posts require additional time and research but are worth it absolutely. Too often in search engines these posts rank higher and drive free traffic for years. Long-formed, well-inquired content provides a signal to readers that you are a field expert.

Give room for interaction and communication

Get people on your blog to talk. Ask them to add comments on different articles. Encourage, where possible, interaction. Ask for feedback, respond to the contributions of people, create a community, and be lovely. People like to interact, so make sure that you are welcome and friendly.

Help solve your reader’s problems

You should try to help your readers to become an authority in your niche. First, maintain your readers. Find solutions for them as a priority.

People are looking for answers using Google or other search engines. Users are interested in finding resources to help you. Make your blog an aid to your audience.

Figure out the problem of the reader by knowing it. Understand your readers through surveys, short Q/A, social media interactions, and blog comments.

Keep it regular

A blog is nearly like an online journal and suggests that the focus should be "regular." Try to update your blog with 2 articles a week at least. Ideally, you must blog every day, especially if SEO is a key priority for you. Try to keep things going, otherwise. And when you're on vacation, take advantage of planning tools on your blog to automatically post articles while you're away from your desk.

Interact with other bloggers

It is very useful to build relations with others in your field; it is a source of great knowledge. You can even improve yourself if you talk to people who are experienced and learn from their failures and mistakes.

By making blogging friends more and more people will be able to get to know you and everyone will be familiar with you sooner and later.


You can share information regarding your business and its services by blogging, but also share feelings and ideas on certain topics. Blogging is a great way for your company to create a personality and make your business more credible.