7 Advantages Of LED Lights For Photography And How To Choose The Best?

7 Advantages Of LED Lights For Photography And How To Choose The Best?

7 Advantages Of LED Lights For Photography And How To Choose The Best?

If there’s one thing many aspiring and independent filmmakers struggle with is achieving proper lighting while shooting their films and photos. Many creatives and experts agree that lighting plays a crucial role in the overall quality of the project. Thus, it’s essential to invest in the correct type of lighting setup for your photography. Lighting equipment has evolved over the years, similar to cameras. 

LED lights are the latest innovation among lighting equipment. Almost all photographers and filmmakers have now shifted from halogen lights and flashlights to LED setups. Manufacturers and brands have leveraged the shift by offering a wide variety of LED lights for photography and filmmaking. So, it’s essential to pick the right one to achieve premium quality. Let’s now discuss the seven advantages of LED lights for photography.


LED lighting is affordable

We can all agree that photography is an expensive hobby. If you are an amateur or a part-time photographer, your budget for equipment may be limited, and the good news is that most LED lights are not expensive. Even when you consider the entire lifespan of the LED lights, they are more affordable compared to flashlights and tungsten lights. You can find high-quality LED panels from renowned brands at a reasonable price. With more people gravitating towards online shopping, finding such affordable LED lights for photography is easier than ever.


Wide range of colors and intensities

Another advantage of using LED lights lies in its functionality. They adapt to your needs accordingly. With other forms of lighting, a photographer must adjust their settings and frames according to the lighting and then proceed to shoot or capture. However, there is the flexibility of colors and intensities with LED lights. 

No more heating issues

You may agree that working with a flashlight and tungsten light setup feels like working in an oven. The studio becomes warm because of the heat emitted from conventional lights. That causes a great deal of discomfort to both photographers and talents present in the studio. With LED lights, you don’t need to worry about that issue anymore because of their cool nature. 

Apart from keeping the studio surroundings cool, LED lights also prevent any external gel sheets from burning. You can go ahead and place LED lights in corners, a place where a traditional photography light is usually dangerous.


Consume less power

If you want to save money on your studio electricity bills, you should switch to LED lights instead of conventional lights. LED lights convert around eighty percent of the energy they consume into producing light, compared to the traditional tungsten lights that have an efficiency of twenty percent. 

Lasts long

Here’s another advantage of using LED lights for photography. The longevity of most LED lights is high compared to other forms of photography lighting. They last for many years with little to no maintenance cost. For instance, a high-quality LED light may have around 25000 hours of lamp light which can last for about three years. However, that number may change based on your usage and other factors. 


Final Thoughts

LED lights have become more prevalent amongst photographers and filmmakers. Whether it is content creators on YouTube or tiny production houses, everyone is experimenting with various LED panels and RGB lights to create unique content. However, it’s essential to pick the right LED panel as well. Customization with color temperature, energy efficiency, and battery backup options are factors to consider before buying an LED light for photography.