5 Unique Gift Ideas Your Friends and Family Will Love

5 Unique Gift Ideas Your Friends and Family Will Love

5 Unique Gift Ideas Your Friends and Family Will Love

Buying the perfect gift is always a challenge. Knowing what the other person wants and will use can lead to hours of searching in stores or online. This year, save yourself time and follow this guide for five unique ideas that everyone will love. No matter your budget, you can choose the best gift that they will remember for years to come.

A New Experience

Some of the best presents you can give don’t need any wrapping paper. Giving the gift of an experience is one of these gifts. These experiences can range from a hot air balloon ride to a curated personal museum tour. The sky's the limit on what you can find. As you look at your options, consider what the person would be interested in doing. For example, if your intended recipient is a fan of old cars, you can gift them a day driving their favorite classic car. Try to pick your gifts not solely based on what they would enjoy; but also something they may not be able to do themselves normally.

Personalized Treasures

One of the most fun gifts to put together is a personalized gift basket. This present is a collection of smaller items, and maybe a big-ticket one, of things the person loves. For instance, if you were making a basket for a beer lover, then their gift may include items like a monogrammed beer glass, an elegant bottle opener, Guinness t shirts and a couple of bottles of their favorite libation. A gift basket is a great way to ensure that the person gets something that they love that won’t break your bank. As you build your basket, try to use at least three gifts to help give it a fuller feel.

An Adventure

Another great gift idea is the gift of an adventure. Whether a staycation or vacation, helping someone to get out of the house and into the world is always a fun way to give a lifetime of memories. If you are looking for inspiration, travel guides put out curated lists of where to go every year. These lists include both international and local destinations to help you choose the perfect spot. A travel gift requires a bit more work than other items on this list, so be ready to start planning ahead. Additionally, you may want to give the present early to allow time for the recipient to prepare for their vacation. 

A New Skill Set

Does someone you know want to learn a new skill? If so, then give the gift of an online course. Sites like MasterClass and Udemy offer digital courses covering a range of topics, from cooking to singing. For the person who has everything, a new skill set is a great option to help open doors to new experiences and passions. Additionally, the recipient may also be able to pursue a goal they have always wanted. If the person is typically busy, you can also plan for a private tasting of their favorite type of food or drink. These tastings are a guided lesson on a topic that your recipient has a passion for learning.

A Personal History

Many people have an interest in their roots but know very little about them. Helping someone learn about their family is an excellent way to give someone a gift of their history. From DNA Test kits to personalized family trees, you have a few different options and price points that you can work from to get the perfect gift. If you are on a budget, you can DIY a small photo archive. If you are looking for a larger present, you can pay to have a complete family tree drawn up to show your recipient a look into their family’s history. This gift is one that they can treasure forever and share with those closest to them.

Whether you give an adventure or skill, these gifts will be one they will always treasure. Happy gifting!