5 Things to Check When Buying a Dye for Red Hair

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5 Things to Check When Buying a Dye for Red Hair     

Red hair can make heads turn, quite literally! Red hair is super glamorous and classy at the same time. It can make you stand out in a crowd, and your personality transforms when you dye your hair red. 

There is no doubt that red hair can bring out your exuberant personality, but there are some things to check before choosing a dye for red hair. Here are some of them. 

  • Right Shade

There are many shades of red hair dye out there, and if you are dyeing your hair red for the first time, choosing the right shade can be pretty overwhelming. There are the fiery and bright reds, while the more subdued reds have hints of brown for a warmer tone. 

If you are not sure about the color, then you can try red highlights at first and see how it goes. On the other hand, if you already possess red hair and want a dye to cover the greys, choosing a dye would be far more accessible, as you have to match the color to your natural hair. 

  • Semi-Permanent or Permanent

When choosing a red hair dye, determine how long you want it to last. Do you want to opt for a semi-permanent color that will only last a couple of weeks and see you through some special event where you want to flaunt red hair? Or are you looking for a more permanent option? Long-lasting red hair dyes can last for six to eight weeks, depending on the post-color hair care regimen you are following. 

  • Skin Tone

Choosing the right shade of red is very important because it can directly impact your skin tone. While most reds are stylish and the dyes are pretty pigmented, some can make your skin look washed out. If you are very pale, try to use a red that is more on the auburn side and can add some warmth to your skin. 

Also, if you have a very distinctive eye color, like green or a pale blue, you should try a shade card to make your eyes pop and speak for creating the most dramatic effect. 

  • Allergies

Today, most hair dyes are tested for harmful chemicals, but there might be some components in hair dyes that can irritate. It is always a good idea to choose sample packets first and try out a patch test before purchasing an entire packet of dye. It will also give you an idea of how the product works and how well it suits your hair. 

  • Hair Fall and Breakage 

Try to determine if the hair dye brand is suitable for those suffering from hair fall by going through the product details and reviews. If you have problems like hair breakage, choose a red hair dye that has moisturizing properties. That will leave your hair soft and smooth after the coloring and will prevent hair fall and breakage. Hair dyes with Vitamin E are best for those who have hair prone to breakage. 

With dye for red hair, you are instantly instilled with confidence. It can also make you look younger and more youthful, depending on the haircut you have chosen. Choose your red hair dye with some care, and you will have a great look to flaunt.