5 Strategies To Find Your Style

5 Strategies To Find Your Style

Everyone has their unique style, and it is important to find yours! In this blog post, you will learn about six different strategies for finding your style. These strategies are not just for fashion: you can apply them to any aspect of your life that needs a little more creativity.

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Dress for Your Body Type

A few guidelines to help you dress your body type:

- If you are curvy, wear clothes that hug and emphasize the curves of your body. For example, a tight top with a flared bottom or a long shirt in white denim.

- If you have an athletic build, play up this look by wearing fitted clothing made out of technical fabrics.

- If you are petite, wear fitted clothing that breaks your body up into different heights to create the illusion of being taller. For example, wear a tight skirt with heels or top and pants in black denim.

- If you have an hourglass figure with curves at the hips and bustline, choose clothes that skim over these areas and create the illusion of an elongated torso.

- If you have a pear-shaped body, wear clothes that will help balance out your figure by accentuating your bust line and emphasizing your hips. For example, wear a fitted dress with colour-blocking patterns or striped clothing in black denim.

- If you are on the shorter side, wear clothes that will help you appear taller. For example, wear a long maxi dress with tights in black denim or cropped pants paired with heels and a fitted top.

- If you are on the tall side, wear clothing to emphasize this by wearing patterns such as stripes and plaids that add vertical lines to your look.

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Where Colors That Complement Your Skin Undertone

For the majority,  the skin undertone is either cool or warm. The colours that will complement those undertones are different. If you're unsure about your undertone, look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. Veins generally appear purple in a cool person and green in warm people (typically as blue-green).

If you're cool, wear warm colours (reds and oranges will bring out the blue in your skin). If you're warm, then wear cooler colours like navy or pastels. There's also a third category of people with neutral undertones - this means they have equal amounts of red and yellow pigments in their complexion, so they can wear the colours in either category.

If you're neutral, then experiment with any colour as it will always look good on your skin tone. However, if you have a warm undertone and want to make your face appear more refreshed, try wearing blue or purple eye shadows, which are cool tones that counteract redness in the skin.

Do Some Research

This is the best place to start; you'll want to learn as much about the available styles out there as possible. An excellent way to do this is by reading blogs in your space, having discussions with people on social media platforms like Facebook groups or Reddit boards, checking out a few dozen YouTube videos in the fashion and style category, browsing through online forums, and even checking out style rankings on Alexa or Google search.

Take Time To Experiment With Various Styles

You are the best person to know what your style is.  Trying out different styles and seeing which one resonates with you will help you decide on a strategy that works for you. For example, if you are a minimalist, try aesthetic minimalism.  This style will help with your mental health and reduce stress.

Take a Style Quiz

While it's often said that clothes make the man, sometimes you might not know what to wear when so many choices surround you. If this sounds like your dilemma, take a style quiz and discover your personal style.

The guide to getting dressed starts with identifying the following:

-What is your favourite colour?

-How do you react when someone compliments what you're wearing?

-Do you prefer casual or formal outfits?

How you answer these questions will give you an idea of what your style is.


It’s not about finding out the best style for you, but rather embracing what makes your voice and personality shine. There are plenty of ways to do this, so if all else fails, experiment with something new! You will find your brand eventually through these six strategies mentioned in the article.