5 of the Most Common Makeup Mistakes

5 of the Most Common Makeup Mistakes

5 of the Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Are you sick and tired of getting acne all the time despite having an extensive skincare routine that you stick to every single day? Are you having trouble getting your makeup to look perfect but you don’t know where you could be going wrong?

One thing that a lot of people do just about every single day is put on makeup. Places like Radiant Professional offer so many different types of makeup, the options on what to apply and what kind of look you want are endless. Some people will put on a full glam look every time, and others will just slap on a bit of mascara and head out like that. Whatever you choose to do is up to you, but you should always make sure that you are doing it correctly to get the most out of your product and not end up with an issue. 

It's very easy to fall into the habit of using makeup incorrectly, especially if you’ve never learned how to do it any differently. It is important to know that sometimes this can be harmful and damaging to your skin. If you want to know what might be going wrong with your makeup routine, here are 5 mistakes you may be making. 

Using too much concealer   

It’s no secret that everyone has some kind of blemish on their face. This could be acne, acne scarring, dark spots on the face, or even dark bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. There is no shame in this and no one should be obligated to cover up anything, however, this option exists with concealer. 

Concealer is a fantastic product, especially if you are feeling a bit self-conscious and want to cover something up, but it is very easy to get carried away and apply way too much. Concealer is meant to be used in small amounts only to cover up some spots here and there, but some people go over the top. Using too much concealer can make your makeup look unnatural and cakey, and even make your skin tone look far too light for your actual complexion.

Not preparing your skin  

Have you ever wondered why your makeup can’t last the whole day, or why it starts to look a bit messy and undone by the end of the day? This might just be because you aren’t preparing your skin before you apply your makeup. Many people wake up in the morning and go straight to applying their makeup, but you should be taking care of your skin before you get going. 

This means that you should start by washing your face and moisturising your skin to ensure that it is properly cleaned and hydrated. This hydration will give you a good base to start working on. Before you apply any makeup product, you should also be using a primer that will fill in all the holes and make sure you have a completely smooth surface to work with. 

Not using the correct lighting

This may seem like a bit of a silly one, because why would lighting change the way you apply your makeup? However, you might be surprised to learn that lighting can make a big difference in both the products you use and the way you apply your products. 

If you are in a place where the lighting is too orange or dim, you may be a bit heavy-handed with the products and end up looking a bit orange when you leave your room and walk out into the daylight. One of the best ways to solve this problem is by getting a lighting setup or even a mirror with lights that will give you good lighting to do your makeup with.           

Washing your face too much                      

This might not seem like it would ever be an issue, especially when it comes to your makeup but you would be surprised as to how bad this could be. When you wash your face you are stripping it of all of its natural oils and, essentially, dehydrating the skin. Even though you might be moisturising your face after every wash, by cleansing too often you can dry out your skin which can lead to cracking and flaking. This will mean that when you are applying makeup, it will look uneven. 

Not washing makeup off properly    

Last but not least, when you go to bed, every night you should remove your makeup. Makeup can very quickly block your pores, and if you are one to consistently fall asleep with your makeup on, you might notice that you have quite a bit of acne or issues with your skin. By taking off your makeup, you give your skin the chance to breathe and rejuvenate overnight.