5 Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Staples You Need In 2021

5 Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Staples You Need In 2021

5 Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Staples You Need In 2021 

Being eco-friendly is an essential part of life in 2021. We are all aware of the impact our choices can have on the environment, and it is vital to ensure that we minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible. The clothes we buy can have a significant impact on the planet. Fast fashion is a growing problem that is polluting the environment and increasing emissions.  

It is true that eco-friendly clothes are typically more expensive than their less ethical counterparts. Still, the cost is well worth it for the benefit to the planet – as well as the high quality and style of the clothes available.  

Here are some of the key sustainable fashion staples you could fill your wardrobe with this year.  

Vegan Leather Jacket 

Many shoppers are shunning traditional leather because of concerns about animal cruelty and the emissions caused by creating leather. An excellent alternative is vegan leather.  

A vegan leather jacket will have all the timeless style of traditional leather without the cost to the environment. It is worth researching the options for vegan leather to find the highest quality garments.  

Recycled Plastic Tee 

Many eco-friendly brands are putting work into recycling plastic to make new clothes. The classic white t-shirt is one item that has seen this treatment. White tees are a great fashion staple because they suit so many outfits and have timeless style.  

There are options out there for tees made from recycled plastic water bottles and microfibres. It is worth doing some research into the brands currently offering recycled t-shirts and other clothes to ensure that their practices are ones you are happy with.  

Linen Dress 

Linen is a beautiful, eco-friendly material. It is made using flax, making it cruelty-free, and is also biodegradable. If you’re looking for a new summer dress, then linen is the smartest choice by far. Linen is a timeless material for a dress and will make a stylish, sustainable and durable addition to your wardrobe.  

You could shop around to find a brand that is dedicated to providing sustainable, fashionable linen clothes. A great example is Luella, which has gorgeous linen dresses and tops to choose from. They completely avoid throwaway fashion and focus on using only high quality materials. 

Vintage Denim 

Shopping vintage is an excellent way to cut down on your emissions. Reusing old clothes cuts down on demand for new. Vintage denim is a perfect choice, as denim is long-lasting, durable and constantly on-trend. You could consider going to local vintage fairs to find your next signature denim piece, whether it’s jeans, a jacket or shorts.  

There are also online sites that sell vintage clothes and options to sell and resell vintage clothes online to other eco-conscious fashion lovers. 

Pre-Loved Finds 

You could consider changing your shopping habits to improve the eco-friendliness of your wardrobe. Charity shops are an excellent choice to help you cut down on the number of new clothes you buy. There are some true gems to be found in charity shops, so it is worth looking around your local shops before buying new.