5 Benefits Of Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle

5 Benefits Of Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle

5 Benefits Of Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle

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Most of us feel as though we could be living a healthier life. You may be prone to catching every bug going, you struggle with concentration, your sleep is fitful, and you feel anxious when your alarm rings every morning. 

Or, perhaps you just feel off. Your lifestyle choices influence your mental and physical health. By making small changes to your lifestyle right now, you can heavily influence your health. However, if you are facing any gluten related problems then it is required for you to start consuming organic gluten free granola.

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1. It’s good for you and the environment

This is the most surprising of the benefits. According to a study from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation, almost 15% of greenhouse gases come as a result of raising livestock (for dairy and meat). 

When you factor in all of the processed foods we eat, the greenhouse gases grow even higher. While red meat can form part of a healthy diet, reducing your intake can positively contribute to both the environment and your health. For instance, if you are insecure about your teeth, it can severely affect your mental well-being. We recommend that you get teeth whitening by a dentist in Modesto so you can smile with confidence.

Additionally, by choosing to eat local, in-season produce, you are giving your body the food it needs at the right time of the year. You are getting the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. Finally, by shopping locally you aren't contributing to the massive costs and gases created by transport. 

There is another way you can improve your healthy lifestyle and contribute to the environment. Ride a bike for shorter trips and leave the car at home. 

2. It will help you to prevent sickness

A healthier lifestyle can help you prevent diseases, such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. By increasing your daily fruit and vegetable intake by just 66 grams, you can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25%. Focus on eating more fruit, vegetables, and whole-grains if you want to fight lifestyle diseases. 

Take a look at your activity levels because you should be exercising at least four days a week and for 20 minutes at a time. If this is beyond you right now, then you can start small with 5-minute daily exercises. There are plenty of free apps to help you get started with home exercises. You don't even need any equipment. 

3. You will live longer

If you want to live longer, then you need to make changes to your lifestyle now. Some studies have found that though life expectancy has increased steadily over the last few decades, we're in poorer health due to bad habits! 

Nor has that lifespan increased with the rate of the rest of the world. It's clear that we have work to do in terms of tobacco and alcohol consumption, dietary choices, as well as physical activity.

In addition to the obvious – eating more fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, drinking more water, as well as exercising regularly there are two big things you can do to live a healthier lifestyle. 

4. You’ll likely be more sociable

Loneliness is one of the biggest dangers to mental health so you must maintain strong relationships and communicate regularly with your friends (and family). When you can't meet up with your friends in person, you can still use video chats or phone calls to maintain that contact. 

There is a temptation to imbibe when you are socializing, but the good news is you can socialize while still eating well. Grazing tables are an excellent way that offers a little bit of everything and you can still enjoy everything in moderation. 

5. You will feel less stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your health and happiness. Acute stress can be positive, but chronic stress traps you in a fight or flight setting constantly. This is hard on your immune system and can increase your risk of heart disease, anxiety, depression, digestion issues, sleep problems, and high blood pressure. 

It traps you in an unhealthy cycle of bad habits. You struggle to get a good night's sleep so you fuel up with caffeine and sugary foods, and as a result, you struggle to sleep. This keeps up and it drags you down. By practicing meditation, exercising regularly, deep breathing, planning your meals, and speaking to friends, you can manage your stress effectively. 

Living a healthy lifestyle will help you avoid disease, feel better, save you money, and contribute positively to the environment. Provided you enjoy a balanced diet there are no drawbacks!