4 Reasons Why Healthcare Institutions Need Expert Medical Writers

4 Reasons Why Healthcare Institutions Need Expert Medical Writers

4 Reasons Why Healthcare Institutions Need Expert Medical Writers

Medical writers have become essential resource persons in the field of medicine in recent times because writing is required in each step of medical research or in the development of regulatory documentation. So, rather than stressing when writing an application for a grant or a research report, you can get a medical writer to compile it for you. The upside to it is that they will observe legal, regulatory, and ethical standards so that your work appears professionally done and is accepted when submitted. Here are four reasons why your institution requires an expert medical writer: 

  • Aid in grant writing

Non-profit institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government bodies rely on great writers to secure funds to accomplish their mandate. Therefore, medical writers can help your institution develop a proposal or apply for funding successfully. Importantly, these writers cannot only write documents efficiently but perform fact-checks on data collected by your institution as well. Some of them are skilled in medical statistics which makes them capable of performing analytical work while turning raw data into reports that show your institution’s progress. Suppose your company is a small agency with limited funds to have an in-house medical writer, there is an option of outsourcing a freelancer to help you. This approach saves you resources that you can channel on other activities and gives you a competitive edge.

  • Content development

In medical communication, misinformation can be detrimental not only to organizations or stakeholders but to patients too. Because of this, it is recommended that you get a medical writer with the right experience and academic background for your job. These professionals are known to help in creating promotional, marketing, educational, and packaging material. Since their main task is content creation, they will pay attention to detail so that you do not have to worry about spelling difficult scientific names of prescription drugs right. They should also know all the latest development in the healthcare industry, they should be updated about the usage of technology in healthcare institutions such as for example, the newest remote patient monitoring devices or how AI is being used in medicine.  Lastly, you can rest knowing that they help you stand out through the educational website content that they write for you.

  • Adept in developing regulatory documentation

Well-written regulatory documents are crucial when you want your drug to get approval or license for your company to manufacture and sell it. Experts in your organization can easily compile these documents but the challenge is that written drafts will be prone to numerous inconsistencies. Worse still, the experts in your institutions are likely to use medical jargon unknowingly that would be difficult for reviewers to make sense of. In such a scenario, you need to engage medical writers who will leverage a comprehensive writing strategy to ensure that the end result is accurate, precise, and consistent. These professionals will also develop and apply standard formatting methods that conform to the required regulatory guidelines.

  • Article publication

Researchers have a duty to publish research findings on new methods, devices, techniques, and drugs in academic journals. Getting research work published in international peer-reviewed journals is however not easy because most research scientists struggle with presenting data properly. Often, each journal has formats that authors need to strictly follow for compiling, analyzing, reviewing, and preparing manuscripts. Additionally, given that research scientists have to publish their work in a timely manner to continue getting additional funds, hiring medical writers becomes critical at this point. The beauty of engaging these professionals is that they will develop manuscripts for you at a higher speed while providing insight into the message that you wish to get across. This way, your institution has an increased chance of getting its work published in renowned journals like Nature.


These professionals either work independently, as consultants, as part of an agency or as a contract research organization (CRO). You can easily find medical writers on platforms such as Upwork and Kolabtree to help you either develop a proposal, write a report or draft a clinical study protocol. You could also ask for referrals from colleagues of institutions that often engage the services of such professionals. Once you find your match, you can either choose to hire in-house writers or outsource freelancers. Either way, you get a chance to focus on other key issues in the institution because the writers take off some of your pressure. Additionally, it becomes easy for you to get your drug approved, a project funded and research published. So, don’t sweat it when you can hire!