2012 Toyota Camry: The Best Brake Pads & Rotors

2012 Toyota Camry: The Best Brake Pads & Rotors

2012 Toyota Camry: The Best Brake Pads & Rotors

On any vehicle, the brakes are arguably the most important components. They are the most essential safety mechanism, and no drive will end well if you can’t bring the vehicle to a stop in a controlled manner. The 2012 Toyota Camry is a well-made vehicle that can provide reliable transportation for years of use and hundreds of thousands of miles, provided that you maintain it. That includes getting the right brake pads and rotors.

What Brake Rotors Do You Need?

Like many similar sedans, the Toyota Camry has minimal requirements for brake rotors, other than getting the right size. Duralast makes several good-quality rotors that will work perfectly for a 2012 Toyota Camry. These include the following model numbers:

  • 44582
  • 44582DL
  • 44749DL
  • 44582DG
  • 44749DG

These are all available for less than $80 and perfectly match the OEM sizing. If you opt for the Duralast Gold brake rotors, you will get higher carbon content, meaning better braking, longer life and less brake fade. However, even with the most economical brake rotor, your Camry will perform perfectly well for normal road usage.

What Brake Pads Do You Need?

Toyota Camry brake pads are a similar story. You only need ones that fit properly to get acceptable performance for normal usage. If you use a website such as AutoZone, you can easily filter for the right brake pads. These Duralast products all match the 2012 Toyota Camry:

  • D1293
  • D1212
  • DG1293
  • DG1212
  • DE1293
  • DE1212

These range from around $35 to $65 for one set (either front or rear). Keep in mind that you must buy the right set for each axle. If you are replacing your front brakes, you need a front-specific set.

Again, there is a range of quality. The basic and gold options are ceramic brakes with the latter option being a little better performing. The Duralast Elite brake pads are copper-free ceramic, offering better performance and longer service life.

How Much Do New Rotors Cost?

Brake rotors for a 2012 Toyota Camry range in cost from around $50 to about $80, if you buy aftermarket. Getting the OEM parts from an official Toyota service desk will cost a little more without any better performance.

The pricing is typically per rotor. So, if you need to replace all four brakes, the cost for the rotors will be $200 to $320.

Other vehicles may have very different prices. While vehicles like the Camry have similar brakes, sports cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles with increased braking requirements may have larger and more expensive brakes. It is a good idea to check the price of maintenance items such as brakes before buying a vehicle.

Order Your 2012 Camry Brake Parts Today

Now that you know what 2012 Toyota Camry brake pads and rotors to buy, you are ready to replace your Camry’s brakes. This is an easier job to do than you may think. Almost anyone can learn how to replace their brakes at home with some basic tools. Just make sure you are doing it safely on a level surface with proper jack stands. Order the parts you need today.