10 Honeymoon Destinations Every Women Dream of

10 Honeymoon Destinations Every Women Dream of

10 Honeymoon Destinations Every Women Dream of

Honeymoon is the once in the life way out with the new spouse. Newlyweds always look for exotic destinations to celebrate their new beginning. Wedding festivals make them exhausted, so they want to experience pacifying sceneries to enjoy their love life. Every woman dreamed of experiencing the magic of sleeping atop the ocean. At the same time, the sound of waves reaches your bed, having the front view of the sunrise and sunset every day. Nothing says beach vacation quite like overwater bungalows in the Caribbean.

Couples plan their honeymoon by keeping their interests, fascination and budget in mind while looking for their dream honeymoon destinations. Some couples go to adventurous destinations, and some prefer

beaches while many go for the places which can offer them all the experiences in the single go. 

Everyone has their own choices when selecting the honeymoon destination; whether you are searching for a romantic way out with your significant other or seeking an enliven adventure opportunity; this article got you covered. Here are some most popular honeymoon destinations to kick start your new phase of life:

  • Maldives: 

Maldives is a picture-perfect honeymoon destination for the ones who are obsessed with water and want to live in the bungalows over the water. Maldives is the pioneer in introducing the first-ever bungalows on the water. This destination fits every budget with cheap flights, and couples can relax in their private bungalow, taste exotic food, have fun actives and see marvellous sunsets and vast blue coloured sky. 

  • Bali:

Bali, Indonesia, is the best honeymoon destination with breathtaking backdrops for newlyweds who prefer to live near nature. Living in a place surrounded by pine trees, wide rice fields and stone temples is the most beautiful site for a romantic way out. Staying in a bamboo house is the most terrific experience you can ever have. While in Bali, do not forget to swing the popular Bali swing with your better half and visit Ubud monkey forest as well as go for the walk-in rice fields. 

  • Cappadocia: 

Cappadocia, Turkey, is a spectacular destination for those obsessed with the sky, eager to live in the cave hotels and amazed by fairy chimneys. Cappadocia is globally famous for its hot air balloon rides, during which you can look at the mesmerizing honeycomb-shaped rocks and dawn views with your spouse. When you are in Cappadocia, live your life to the fullest and enjoy breathtaking fairy chimneys and caves. 

  • Paris: 

Paris, France, is the most romantic honeymoon destination because Paris is synonymic "The City of Love". What could be more beautiful than visiting this city with the love of your life—roaming in the streets, holding hands, eating French cuisine, visiting Eifel tower and tie the ribbon on Pont Des Art Bridge with the person whom you love. Formerly discussed activities are some of the most pacifying activities which you can enjoy in Paris. 

  • Dubai:

Dubai is attracting the new couple due to its charming city life and is one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations. Couples can enjoy city life, go shopping from Dubai mall, go for a beach walk, skydive and remember to go for a Safari ride; driving through a desert with your better half will be a mesmerizing experience. Enjoy the view from the world's largest building, Burj Khalifa and get your hands on the occasion of being underwater while visiting the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

  • Santorini: 

Santorini, Greece, is a small volcanic Iceland popular as the most romantic honeymoon destination, with white painted walls, vast blue sky and limitless blue water, which is the most beautiful treat for the eyes. Go for the hike, spend quality time at the beach, dine in the exotic cafes and eat tasty Greek cuisine. Either it is night or day, you are going to love this amazing Iceland. During your stay, remember to take photos with those spectacular backdrops. 

  • Sydney:

Sydney, Australia, is the best honeymoon destination for couples who are fond of beaches as it is a city that has more than 100 beaches. Visit the iconic Opera house, take a cruise ride, climbing Harbor Bridge, hike the Blue Mountains, feel the fresh air, swim in the pool adjacent to the ocean at the Bandai beach, and go for a romantic coastal walk. Sydney is the most relaxing honeymoon destination you could ever visit with your significant other.

  • Fiji: 

Fiji is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who need privacy, yet its magnificent landscape will never disappoint you, and it is also a good option for adventurer couples. Couples can go hiking, get pampered at the spa and enjoy the private pool with the spectacular sea view. The hospitality and climate of Fiji both make it an attractive honeymoon destination. It would be best if you visited Laucala the watching the beautiful rainforests. 

  • Switzerland: 

Switzerland is a honeymoon destination with the most breathtaking scenery, which attracts surfeit couples to spend some relaxing time after the tiresome rituals of weddings. Switzerland has the most astonishing alpine scenery and mighty mountains with charming waterfalls, which make it an ideal destination for new love birds. Couples can take a train ride to watch the magnificent landscapes and go skiing and hiking during their stay. 

  • Barcelona:

Barcelona is a famous honeymoon destination for art lovers, a city with amazing architecture and a number of modern museums. Apart from its art, the climate of Barcelona attracts tourists. Do not forget to take the city tour to discover the beautiful cultural art of the city and capture the exquisite art as a souvenir. 

Finalize your honeymoon destination after planning all the necessary things to avoid any last moment hassle. Honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event, and on this trip, you will develop a better understanding with your spouse, so wisely take the decision and follow the schedule you made to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest rather than burning yourself out.

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