Your ultimate guide to flaunt your body with plus-size shapewear

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Women of all ages are beautiful no matter what size they are. Your size or skin color can’t define your beauty or worth, and people are increasingly opening up to this notion. Every woman deserves the confidence to look and feel fabulous in whatever they wear. However, it’s important to note that self-love is a constant, ongoing journey that comes with its ups and downs. There are days when plus-sized women may feel that they need some extra support to look their best. Whereas earlier on, it would be hard to find flattering shapewear designed for plus-sized bodies, fashion norms are rapidly evolving.  Now the limited shapewear choices are over, and every woman can find the right shapewear for herself at contourmd.com.

Plus-sized shapewear is comfortable, breathable, and seamless and goes incredibly well with any outfit. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for shapewear. Below is the ultimate guide for selecting the appropriate Shapewear and cinching your body in all the right places.

Type of shapewear

Shapewear certainly isn’t one-size-fits-all, and there are multiple varieties of shapewear designed to cinch your body strategically. If you aren’t well-versed in the world of shapewear, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different types. Whenever you plan to buy a body shaper, a vital point to consider is which type of shapewear will best suit your body type.

If you feel more confident and comfortable having full-body protection, then full body shapewear is for you. It covers the entire portion of your body and comes in strapless options if you want to wear them under formal dresses. You can also check out styles like a camisole, shorts, shaper slips, waist snatchers in shapewear for plus size women, and many more types too.

Some common body types are a pear shape, inverted triangles, or apple-shaped. You can find shapewear for plus-sized women that enhances and beautifies each body type.

Choose the right fit

The most important thing to ensure before selecting shapewear is that you’re entirely sure of your body measurements. In some cases, women think that a smaller size would give a perfect look to their body which is incorrect. A trimmer fit can give your body extra bulges instead of smoothing away loose skin, which can look incredibly unflattering. If you aren’t sure of the size, go one size larger rather than smaller.

If you buy shapewear which is too tight on your body, it can lead to some severe issues. You can experience swelling, numbing, and tingling sensations persistently. Furthermore, shapewear that’s too tight can restrict your breathing and movements. Before buying shapewear, be sure to look at the size chart and measure yourself accordingly. Just as the perfect shapewear set can make you feel beautiful and confident, the wrong one can make you feel restricted and uncomfortable.

Control & compression level

Another aspect to consider is the result you want from your shapewear. The firmness of your shapewear can make or break your desired outlook. Furthermore, the body shaper control level determines how long you can wear your shapewear. Shapewear is available in three types of compression levels: light, medium, and high compression; now, you need to decide which level suits your body.

If you want to wear shapewear regularly, you might be better off choosing a medium or light compression level. These provide you with ample support to get you through the day while enhancing your curves perfectly. High compression is best suited for special occasions where you want that ultra-seamless look to compliment your best dresses. Firm compression shapewear comes in all sizes and styles, and you can easily find one that fits the occasion.

Basics to always have on hand

Although you can pick shapewear based on your needs, some key pieces can help you look your best in any outfit. Most women remain most conscious about their belly and want a smooth, contoured look in the area. A bodysuit can help smoothen your belly, contour your hips, and provide support to your chest. Thigh support shorts are another popular option, and they can help hold in jiggly thighs and make them look lean and contoured.

Shaping leggings are also an excellent investment, as they help you keep muffin tops, dimples, and rolls at bay without ever restricting movement. These leggings aren’t see-through and go perfectly with any outfit. Although it shouldn’t be the case, body dissatisfaction is often higher in plus-sized women, who constantly compare themselves to other, skinnier women. Having these critical pieces in your wardrobe can help you love yourself on days when you don’t feel like you look perfect.


Shapewear is a powerful tool in the wardrobe of any plus-sized woman. Regular undergarments often lack the extra support that plus-sized bodies need and can feel flimsy to wear. However, switching to the shapewear explicitly designed for plus-sized bodies can give you the support you need while making your body look the best. It can enhance your curves in all the right places and cinch them where you want a sleeker look. Of course, all shapewear is virtually invisible under your clothes and gives you a seamless, smooth look.