Why It's Important To Have The Right Representation After A Slip Accident

Accidents, while unfortunate, are events we cannot always avoid. Although we do our best to avoid accidents of all kinds, there can always be exceptions. What we can do is make sure we face minimum troubles after an accident. Slip and fall accidents are pretty common occurrences that, unlike some types of personal injury claims, require the right representation to prove your case. Injury claims that involve minor car accidents or simple hit-and-run cases don’t necessarily require the help of a lawyer. You can easily make these claims by yourself as long as the case is straightforward. It’s almost essential to get proper help for slip accidents for a number of reasons, however, and some of them will be discussed below. 


All You Need To Know About Slip Accidents

Slip accidents are the most common type of personal injury claims yet are the hardest ones to prove and obtain compensation for. They can occur anywhere there is a tripping hazard, either on public or private property. It could be a slippery floor, a ledge left unmarked, or loose cables. These cases are built based on every owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their customers or guests. There are mainly three elements that define a slip or fall accident injury case:

  • The type of injury 
  • The hazard that caused the injury
  • The owner responsible for the hazard

Most of these slip and fall accidents usually occur at large consumer venues when hazards are overlooked. Many of them take place at crowded retail stores or construction sites. 

Reasons To Get A Lawyer

Lawyer Establishes Fault

When you have a slip and fall case and you want rightful compensation, you and your lawyer should be ready to prove the negligence of the property owner. Also, your lawyer has to prove how the property owner's negligence paved the path to your fall in a way that holds them legally responsible. This is done in two steps:

  1. Investigate how your injury occurred
  2. How to hold the opposing party legally responsible

The right kind of lawyer will try to know every small detail and investigate how it happened. After that, he'll try to find ways to hold the defendant legally responsible for your fall. This will help to prove losses and also get you a fair settlement.

Lawyer Proves Losses

You can't just show up with a bandage and demand compensation. You, accompanied by your lawyer, will prove how your injury has caused you a financial loss. To do this, the lawyer will have to carefully investigate your accident or fall. After that, he will have to figure out how it was the property owner's fault. There are two types of losses;

  1. Economic loss
  2. Non-economic loss

Economic loss is usually called a financial loss. Non-economic loss doesn't have anything to do with money. Moreover, the loss should be properly documented because without documentation the case becomes difficult to deal with. To do this, it’s suggested you document everything such as medical records and bills. To find out more about the personal injury compensation for slip accidents click here and get an idea of the usual approximates. Non-economic losses such as pain, agony, and suffering are also added to the list of documentation. They help in building a stronger case for the judge or jury. 

Gets You The Right Compensation

By carefully monitoring the whole situation and gathering the proper evidence, a good lawyer will build the perfect case. Once your lawyer analyses the whole case he'll communicate with you and tell you about the settlement you can get. To do this, the lawyer looks through the incident like a fine-toothed comb. Once you have a strong case the opposition party will contact you for a settlement because they'll fear going to court. Your lawyer will get you the best compensation possible for all your financial losses and suffering. Don't be hasty, if a settlement offer has been made and your lawyer asks you not to settle for it, don't! Your lawyer will know what’s best for you and wouldn’t want to see you settling for anything less than what you deserve. Trust him to get you the right amount.

Personal injury claims can be simple and effortless or they can turn out to be complicated and hard to prove. While slip and fall accidents are quite frequent, they can be hard to prove, mainly because proving the fault for the accident isn’t clear in most of these incidents. This is why getting proper help is important in cases like these to make your case go smoothly so you can get the compensation you deserve.