Why ATV Ride Should Be On Your List For Next Trip To Vegas And How To Enjoy it Safely

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada for a reason: it offers unending entertainment to each visitor. Be it the scenic beauty, the glitz and glamour of modern life.

If you are planning your trip to Vegas and wondering about what you could do interesting apart from your regular city? The answer is an adventurous ATV or UTV ride on the dunes while enjoying the countryside of Vegas.

With the emergence of ATV rentals, ATVs have become more accessible for everyone. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to experience riding an ATV; you can take a quick vacation experience through these rentals. 

But before you rent your ride to adventure it's better to know your ATV, to ride it safely and make it more enjoyable.

An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is an off-road vehicle that uses four low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires to travel. By the looks of an ATV, they look simple enough to ride in one go. This statement is deceptively true because it is simple enough to ride, but they are incredibly dangerous if we are not careful. There are many common mistakes that beginner ATV riders make, which are harmful, some potentially fatal. These injuries can be avoided with some precaution and knowledge. 

Let's look at the things you should do before you book your ride.

Knowing Your ATV- Before Renting One 

This is perhaps the most obvious mistake that many ATV enthusiasts, who are beginning to learn how to ride an ATV, make. Renting a 1000cc ATV is a bad decision if you're not experienced enough. With more cc's comes more weight, power, and acceleration. Unfortunately, even parents renting their children ATVs tend to go overboard with this. 

Even if you've experienced riding an ATV, you should not be overconfident about your abilities. Instead, you should first gauge the machine and be careful with it. Overconfidence is one of the greatest risk factors while riding an ATV.

One of the reasons why it is important to know your ATV is because each of them has its acceleration, power, and weight. One needs to know how to maneuver their ATVs on a dangerous turn. Turning incorrectly means that there is a chance that a thousand-pound ATV might roll over and injure you, leave alone your impact with the ground in speed.

Well of course the professionals at rentals make it easier for you by providing you with all the required information. 

It's better to rent an ATV from professionals. Then, you can take the ATC for a spin on the terrains and trails that are more secure and adventurous. The Internet can help find one,  do a google search for ATV riding near Las Vegas if you are looking for some adventure rides in and around Vegas. It will list down all the available options. Just do your research and select the one you want. 

Bad Posture

Another precaution that you must take is learning the right posture. Posture can drastically reduce the risk of your falling off the ATV. Good posturing teaches you how, when, and where to shift your weight. Correct learning and distribution of weight are the keys to making perfect turns. For example, when going downhill, it is better to sit than to stand, and when you're going up, it is the other way around. 

While taking turns, it becomes even more important. The key is to lean on the opposite side of the momentum. That's why, if you're turning left, you'll feel pushed to the right, which means you need to lean left. Weight distribution can help you save you from tumbling off the ATV. You should make a note if your feet do not stay on the footrest and are dangling on the side, it may injure you.

Moreover, while you can sit on the ATV while on flat terrain, you'll need to stand, with bent knees. When you're on uneven ground or if you're going too fast, that is hovering. Nevertheless, it is a great riding technique that gives you better visibility.

Control Your Acceleration  

Most people just want to sit on an ATV and then throttle it to a high speed. To an inexperienced rider, this seems perfectly plausible. However, this is a gross underestimation of the power of ATVs. 

ATVs can loop out, meaning that they can literally take a wheelie and fall back upon you because of their power and acceleration. Overconfidence can lead to a rider losing control over the machine, leading to potentially fatal accidents. This can not only damage the ATV but also injure you. There is a fair chance of rolling over when you don't pay attention to the throttle.  

Do Not Attempt Stunts

Attempting stunts is dangerous in and of itself. However, if you're inexperienced with the bike on which you're performing the stunt, or if you're inexperienced generally, it raises the risks multifold. While one-handed wheelies do look cool, you pose a serious threat not only to yourself but also to bystanders in the area. Moreover, you may also have to bear the cost of repair, which will not be minuscule.

Do Not Avoid Proper Gear

Proper gear, such as helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, are recommended by everyone because of their importance. Wearing the right gear and using the right equipment is extremely important because it drastically reduces the dangers that an accident might cause. 

Although they cannot prevent accidents, they can at least reduce their harm. Proper gear can be extremely useful. For example, if you're on a dirt trail, goggles can keep mud or sand from slinging into your eyes. Gloves can help you keep a grip on the throttle even if there's a lot of moisture. Boots can prevent many injuries that are done via stones flinging off the tires of your bike, etc. 


While Vegas has incredible, energetic, swanky nightlife and serene, and calm sightseeing locations, it also offers adventure. The best adventure experience in Vegas is, undoubtedly, the dune buggies that are available as rentals in areas like Logandale and Overton, which is situated about 62 miles from Vegas. 

You can rip through the sand dunes and watch plenty of desert life, such as desert tortoises, ground squirrels, golden eagles, Gia monsters, etc. If that isn’t enough, you also get to see beautiful desert skies, Indian Rock Art. You can also camp in some of the designated areas. 

It is important to note that many first-timers and inexperienced riders tend to undermine the gravity of the situation. Therefore, it is good to train yourself and then take up going on trails, etc.

Vegas is not just a city, and it's an experience. The city has so much to offer, from entertainment to science, from art to adventure. Vegas never fails to amaze you. Vegas is perfect for weekend getaways or a long vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to the 'sin city.'