What Makes Wood Flooring So Popular?


Discovering the long history of the wood used in your floors increases the value and charm of the house. Floors are works of art in and of themselves, and homeowners like telling their family and friends about the history of their ancient, cherished wooden flooring. There are multiple wood species available, as well as a variety of pre-finishing and distressing options to exactly meet your specific demands and tastes when it comes to flooring.


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Wood is a natural substance that comes in a wide range of hues and grain patterns.

Who hasn't admired the elegance of a home with a beautiful hardwood flooring? It's in our nature to appreciate trees, harvest them, and replant them. Wood is present in our daily lives and in our houses.


Wood is the most simple floor to clean, requiring far fewer chemicals.

When someone says, "I think tile or carpet might be easier to clean," I point to my wood floor cleaning equipment. I can clean my wood floor in less than half the time it takes to vacuum, scrub, or shampoo other floor coverings by using only a swivel mop and occasionally a non-aerosol spray. Wood does not trap dust and fumes like carpet and does not grow mold in the grout like tile. Best of all, fewer chemicals are required.


It is the best option for the environment. 

Wood production is far more environmentally friendly than other building materials. Steel production emits 40 times more pollutants than wood production. Concrete necessitates a sixfold increase, while brick necessitates a fourfold increase. Steel emits three times as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as concrete. Wood generates less solid waste in landfills than steel or concrete. Finally, wood is a more energy efficient material. Wood's cellular structure retains air, making it an excellent insulator. To equal the insulating characteristics of one inch of wood, 15 inches of concrete is required.


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Wood is an excellent investment.

A wood floor has no depreciation. In fact, it frequently raises a home's resale value. Real wood floors are beautiful for a lifetime – if not longer! Every day, people walk on wood floors that are as old as our country. Most solid wood floors need to be repaired three to six times before they need to be replaced. As a result, wood flooring is less expensive in the long run and adds value to your property. (Flooring Metaverse directory covers all types of flooring including wood flooring you may want to look at.)

Finishes are simple to fix or reapply.

Wood floors can be refinished instead of being thrown away if proper maintenance measures are followed (as happens with some other floor coverings). With stains, paints, and inlays, you may quickly and affordably change the entire look of a wood floor from time to time.


Wood flooring provides some support to your spine and legs and is excellent for your joints.

Don't be surprised if your doctor advises you to install a wood floor to protect your spine and joints. Wood flexes somewhat and is gentler on your legs and feet. Have you ever observed that standing on stone or tile causes your feet to tire faster than standing on wood?