Unique Jewelry Pieces You Need To Spice Up Your Summer Looks

Summertime is finally here which means it is time to pull out your warm-weather pieces and ring in the new season in style. Whether you are going out to dinner with your loved ones or heading on vacation, this is the perfect time to show your fabulous fashion game.

In addition to selecting your bright color crop tops, comfy bag shorts and floral dresses, you should also pay attention to your accessories to spice up your summer looks. While many turn to multicolored handbags and stylish sunglasses, others rely on statement jewelry to add some flair to their ensemble. And the best thing about it is that there are plenty of styles and gems out there that can accommodate every fashionista’s taste and make them look flawless.

From the classic pearl pendants to the beaded anklets, here is a list of some unique jewelry pieces you need to take your summer fashion game to the next level.

Photo by Ana Itonishvili from Unsplash

Pearl Pendants

If you are looking for a timeless piece of jewelry, then pearls should be your top choice. They come in many styles, colors and sizes making them an all-time favorite as they are easy to match with any summer casual and formal look.

One very popular choice among fashion lovers who like to keep things classy and elegant is Tahitian pearls. They are one of the larger pearl types out there which come in an array of shapes and dark body color making them the perfect choice to elevate a work outfit. Most refined women opt for a Tahitian pearl pendant on a simple chain to combine with their neutral color linen dress.

Charm Necklaces

One of the great things about summer is that you get to break out your favorite neck-baring tops giving you the opportunity to experiment with playful necklaces. Charm necklaces, with their whimsical colors and fresh designs, may be precisely what you need.

The great thing about wearing such a necklace is that it can reflect who you are more than any other necklace style. The most popular choice among jewelry lovers is a charm necklace with their initials combined with a cute accent like a gemstone which makes it even more special.

Photo by Jasmin Chew from Unsplash

Tassel Earrings

Since summer is characterized by high temperatures, you will probably wear your hair up in a cute bun most of the time. This means you should put on some statement earrings to draw all attention to the side of your head. The best way to do so is to go for a pair of colorful tassel earrings that will certainly give a playful touch to your summer look.

This type of earrings come in an array of materials such as silk, beads or embroidery floss and in many shades, all of which have the power to liven up your outfit. They can be perfectly combined with a white sundress.

Cocktail Rings

Another statement piece of jewelry you should definitely include in your collection is a cocktail ring. As a result of its dramatic appearance, this type of accessory is meant to stand out and take your summer look to a whole new dimension.

From the antique cocktail rings with elaborate and old-fashioned designs to the sterling silver flower rings, you have plenty of options to choose from to up your jewelry game.

For example, the flower-shaped cocktail ring is an excellent choice as it has an element of fun that gives you the opportunity to bring more life to your summer outfit.

Beaded Anklets

A jewelry piece that trendy women usually forget when finishing off their outfits is the anklet. This accessory can be a simple and easy addition to your summer look as it comes in many colors and designs that give your feet a little extra sparkle.

Out of the many choices, the beaded anklets seem to be the most popular one among fashionistas. Besides serving as the best option to add a little extra to casual summer outfits, they are also an easy-to-throw-on jewelry piece to complete any beachwear look. No matter how you choose to wear it, be sure to never leave the house without this multicolored summer staple.  

Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras from Pexels

Final Thoughts

If you want to show off your best taste in jewelry, then summertime is the perfect time to do it. The high temperatures give you the opportunity to show more skin and experiment with different jewelry styles that can take your fashion game to the next level. Whether you are going to work, dinner or even the beach, there is a piece of accessory for every occasion.

In case you need help, make sure you refer back to our guide and choose a jewelry piece that will add a touch of charm to your summer ensemble.