Top Tips to Tackle Baldness Like A Pro

If you are feeling ashamed and inferior of yourself for going bald, then it’s time to stop! Here are some expert tips to slay and overcome baldness.

Among all hair problems, baldness is the most common one and males suffer the most from this condition. One cannot deny the feeling of inferiority when they see themselves getting bald. But unfortunately, it cannot be stopped when it happens.

Once a wise man said, ‘Prevention is Better than Cure.’ But what to do when prevention is not in our hands? Most of the time, hair loss or baldness is not in our control. However, sometimes you can prevent, or even fight it back. So in this post, we will discuss in detail some reasons and cures for baldness. 

Causes & Treatments for Baldness

Reasons of Baldness

  1. Hereditary

Hereditary is one of the most common causes of baldness worldwide. It describes that you have inherited the genes from someone in your family which is causing your hair follicles to shrink and stop growing. 

Genetic baldness affects both the sex, but men tend to inherit the gene most. You will start to notice hereditary hair fall later in your life, but in minor cases, people also start to notice it at a young age.  

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent hereditary reasons or baldness because you don’t have control over your genes. 

  1. Hormonal Changes

Baldness due to hormonal issues is mostly seen in women.  There can be many reasons, like pregnancy, postpartum, birth control pills, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), thyroid, and much more. Extreme hair loss is one of the factors of hormonal changes in the body, which, if not treated on time, can cause baldness.   

  1. Medical Conditions

Certain types of medications lead to hair fall. For instance, if you are on powerful antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. for your medical conditions, you will face severe hair loss. However, you should not stop the medications without consulting your doctor. 

Hair loss or baldness due to this reason should not be a concern, as your hair will regrow after your medication course is over.    

  1. Faulty Hair Care Regime

Most of us love to bleach, perm, rebond or color our hair. But these hair regimes are slow killers for the hair. Once or twice may not result in hair loss, but if done on a regular basis, then sooner or later you will notice hair thinning. 

These kinds of treatments weaken the hair roots, causing unusual hair fall and maybe baldness in the long run.  

Most importantly, choose your hair care products wisely and follow a routine. Not all products suit everyone!

  1. Alopecia 

There are two types of alopecia, areata, and scarring. Alopecia areata arises when the immune system of your body damages the hair follicles, which are responsible for holding your hair in place. 

It is a systematic defect in the body’s immune system and is treatable with medication. Usually, hair does not regrow by itself with alopecia areata. 

On the other hand, scarring alopecia arises when you have scarring or inflammation on your scalp due to some accident in the past. The scarring destroys the hair follicles which stops hair from growing back, leaving that space bald.  

Treatment of Baldness

  1. Rogaine

One of the most effective hair loss products approved by the FDA is Rogaine or commonly known as Minoxidil. You can use this product at home without a doctor’s prescription because it is for external use. If it does not work, consult a doctor to know if you need to make other changes.  

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  1. Laser Treatment

With laser treatments, the blue light sends light particles called photons to the hair follicles to help them regrow. You need to have great patience with laser treatment as the process has many sessions.  

Laser treatments are considered one of the most effective treatments for hair fall. But everyone’s case is different. So, see a doctor to know whether it will suit your kind of baldness.

  1. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant should be the last option for freshly regrowing your hair. Because, if the treatment becomes ineffective, it can cause scarring and weird hair patterns. So, always seek an expert dermatologist for hair to advise you on this matter. 

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  1. Lifestyle Change

One of the easiest, yet hard treatments for hair fall is a lifestyle change. It requires endurance to adapt to a different but healthy lifestyle to protect your hair. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only benefit your hair but your overall health. 

Changing lifestyle includes, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, maintaining a balanced diet, and staying as much stress-free as possible. Not drastic, but these changes will slowly but significantly stop your hair from thinning.

Learn to Live with Baldness

Since treatments take time, let's see what to do if you are already suffering from hair thinning or baldness!

Try Different Looks with Your Hair: Style your hair in different ways, put some accessories if you are a woman to move the attention from the thinning hair. If you are a man, try styling your hair in different parts to temporarily hide hair thinning. 

Shave it Off: If you are tired of hiding your hair every time, then shave your hair, I am sure you are going to love and enjoy your newly bald head.  

Accentuate Yourself: So what if you are bald? Accentuate yourself with a facial beard, a pair of cool sunglasses, piercing, or anything that will compliment your baldness. Trust me, it will beautifully enhance your new bald look!

Final Thought

You are not alone in this journey! Baldness, hair thinning or hair loss is a common problem worldwide. I know it can be stressful, but being bald is beautiful too. Treatments are now more advanced, therefore consult a doctor if you feel the need, and be patient with the treatments. 

On a final note, I want to say that, embrace yourself and be confident! When others will see how confident and content you are with your hairless self, they will attract that energy too.