Top Summer Tips to Know Before Trying Out Fashion Favourite Shaping Tights

Women’s shaping tights have been a trending accessory for decades, especially in  the UK. Whether it’s an official event or a casual evening party, plenty of choices of sexy tights have been there to play with. If you also wonder what can really bring a pop to your outfits this summer spring, then don’t forget to invest in a pair of cute floral tights or just a black pair of ultra-sheer tights. Yes, it is worth it!

Normally, the myth associated with tights is that they are just worn to cover the skin. However, every lovely lady out there needs to know that it is not just limited to this. It actually helps in bringing that appeal to your outfit. For women who are confident or even less confident about their bodies, shaping tights can be an accentuating accessory. Or else, we can say that a pair of luxurious satin tights is a must-have for pitching a glam look.

Before you buy a pair or two for yourself, here are some handy tips to go through. Take a look.

  • Tights are pretty much like your second skin. This is why picking a breathable and lightweight material is the key. It not only lets your pores breathe but also keeps those skin layers healthy. So, make sure you don’t choke your skin just for fashion and pick something breathable enough.

  • Knowing the purpose is something major again, which is not well carried by most women. It is just that they wish to follow the trend and end up mixing and matching with something worse. No doubt, sexy tights for a casual, everyday, or official look won’t hurt at all. You only need to figure out different options available online that match your purpose and whole look.

  • Don’t be afraid to play with colours and prints. As we all know, tights are a fashionable accessory to flaunt around the year. Throwing in some glam with ultra-sheer tights can never be a bad idea. Rather, it will make you look more chic. Generally, you can play with neutral tones when it comes to the daily office look; bold colours for playtime; and sexy black tones for a nighttime look.

  • Denier! The truth is that the majority of the women really don’t know what a denier number is. Basically, it counts as a standard term that showcases the opaqueness of the shaping tights. Even if you are purchasing some diamond net tights or floral tights, they will have a denier figure associated with them. Usually, anything below 30 is considered as sheer enough, while 40 and above is opaque. So, make sure to check it beforehand.

A pro tip is to go for tights with sheer material when you are considering minimal leg display. On the other hand, it is highly ideal to wear opaque tights when your hemline is shorter.

  • Last but not least, taking care of your ultra-sheer tights is the best thing you can do to maintain their longevity. Tights are normally very gentle, which is why machine wash is not the right thing for them. Make sure to hand wash your tights and avoid putting them in the dryer. It is best to air dry them instead.

So what’s your go-to pair of tights for a low key summer look? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.