Top 3 Kratom Strains for Pain

Increasingly, people are switching from conventional medicine to natural alternatives like Kratom products for pain every day. An evergreen tree found in the Southeast region of Asia, closely resembling the coffee plant, Kratom has provided an amazing solution to chronic pain, arthritis, joint aches, and much more. This article will underline, the best Kratom strains for managing pain and how they manage to achieve that!

How Kratom provides relief from pain

Although, Kratom has played the role of herbal medicine for centuries, it is only recently that it has now proved to be a substitute to conventional drugs, which may have adverse effects or be very expensive.

Several Kratom strains contain the compound, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, a powerful pain killer. When ingested, this compound attaches itself to the pain receptors of the body, preventing any pain signals from reaching the brain. Even though these receptors are also engaged by drugs like Morphine, Kratom doesn’t activate any of the same side effects, hence providing only relief to the user.

Kratom can help prevent any kind of emotional pain as well, by reducing depression or anxiety, as it affects hormones related to stress.

Top Three Kratom Strains for Pain management

1. Maeng Da Kratom

One of the most potent strains for managing pain, Maeng Da is highly effective. Red-veined leaves are taken from mature Kratom trees and processed to provide a number of hybrid strains that work as pain relief medication.

High in Alkaloids, Maeng Da copies the result of Morphine, as an efficient pain reliever. Although it is efficient to counter soreness of muscles, exhaustion and any form of chronic pain, it does not have any adverse effects, including unconsciousness, nausea and addictiveness.

Popular amongst patients of pain, like arthritis, Maeng Da provides immediate relief by blocking the pain receptors in the brain.

Along being a relief from pain, Maeng Da strains work also as an anti-depressant, a boost of energy and relaxant, among other benefits.

2. Red-vein Bali Kratom

Renowned as an original strain of Kratom, Red-vein Bali is the strongest strain, as it consists of Twenty-five Alkaloids. Making it an amazing option for managing pain, it is not suggested for new users.

The high number of Alkaloids make the Red-vein Bali a potent relief from pain and is popular among consumers for its high efficiency on severe pain and negligent adverse effects at recommended quantities. Red-vein Bali offers a quick reaction making it efficient for people looking for short term or instant solution to pain.

Moreover, Red-vein Bali is the key to anxiety, charges mood and energy levels, stops brain disorders and can be used as a sedative. TO top it all off, it is a non-addictive alternative that has a soothing smell and helps keep the user calm?

3. Red Borneo Kratom

A classic Kratom variant, Red Borneo gives an enjoyable and soothing smell of nature. Concentrated in Alkaloids, it is an efficient pain reliever, but users must take care of consuming in high quantity, as side effects may include nausea.

A slow-acting strain, Red Borneo Kratom is often taken in small prescriptions for a longer time, to efficiently remove acute or mild pains. Attaching itself to receptors, it helps users avoid any pain, without causing addiction.

Red Borneo is also effective when used as an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medication and as a relaxant; as well as boosting productivity and energy levels.

Deciding the Right Kratom strain for Pain

All strains of Kratom have different effects on each user. To decide which strain suits which user, it is important to take into account, the following factors:

1. Body Type and Composition

It is important to take into account the physical stature (i.e. Weight and height) to prescribe the correct dose.

2. Physical and Mental Health

A physician must verify that the user is physically and mentally fit to start using Kratom, to avoid any adverse reactions that might occur.

3. Pain variant and Medical conditions

The prescribed dose varies, as the medical conditions and level of pain changes from user to user.

4. Quality and Potency of Kratom

Poor quality Kratom may have more negative effects than positive ones. A good quality investment from a reliable vendor is critical.


If a user is affected with severe pain; physical or emotional, and chooses to opt for a natural substitute, Kratom is a great alternative! A Pain reliever, just as good as Morphine, but without any of the adverse effects, Kratom is an affordable pain reliever, and healthy substitute!