Tips to Save More on Your Travel 

Are you fantasizing about cruising on a boat? Or catching sunsets on the rooftop with your friends? Well, how can you make that happen with your tight budget? Don’t sweat it. Making the most out of your trip doesn’t necessarily need to break your bank. You can do so much with so little and with good planning. In this article, we share tips that can help you save more on your travel.  

Take the Undesirable Flight

The truth is most people hate being on the second or third flight of the day. Well, if you are looking to save money, then that’s the flight you should be on. If you are willing to fly earlier in the week, like Monday or Tuesday at 6 AM, then you can be sure to save hundreds of dollars


  • Be flexible with your travel dates and time. Check out sites that can allow you to see when you are likely to save the most on flights and schedule your trip around it.

Airbnb All the Way

If you want to save money on your trip, then consider staying at an Airbnb. Renting out a home or room through a holiday home letting agency is way cheaper than staying in a hotel. The beauty is you can rent an entire house and pay per night rather than per person. This is way more affordable, especially when in a group. What’s more, is that you can enjoy the luxury of owning the space all to yourself for the days booked.


  • Most Airbnb are fitted with Wi-Fi, kitchen, and laundry facilities, saving you the money you would spend on eating out or paying for laundry service

Avoid Renting a Car! Use Your Car

Another way of saving money on your trip is using your car. Instead of spending money on taxis or Uber getting to the airport and back home after the trip, just use your car. There are many parking spots near the airport that are inexpensive and secure. For instance, if you are using STL airport in Missouri, you can book parking at the Quality Inn STL Airport and proceed with your trip. Using your car saves you from the hassle of finding reliable transportation back home, especially after the trip. 

 Save on Tour Guides

Did you know that some of the most wonderful, erudite, and fun tour guides are free? You might want to do a little bit of research before paying tons of money in the form of tour guides. Do a quick online search on the area you wish to visit, and you will be surprised by the available options. All you have to give is a tip at the end. Awesome, right?

Walk or opt for Public Transportation

There is no better way to enjoy your vacation than exploring the city. It is not fun catching a taxi every 2km to site-see. In essence, walk, walk as much as you can; it is the best way to see, learn and make memories. If you need a ride, then opt for public transportation. You will end up saving a fortune. 

Final Thoughts

Other great ways to save money on your trip include booking activities ahead of time, using a travel-friendly bank account, and buying less stuff. Mastering these tips will allow you to save more and plan for more trips in the future.