Technology continues to push boundaries in travel industry

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The modern-day traveller is a different breed from what they used to be. The main reason behind this is due to technology, as holidaymakers from every corner of the globe take an array of gadgets and pieces of tech with them on an adventure abroad. 

It’s not uncommon to see fellow travellers using different forms of technology while on a holiday away, perhaps relying on a smartphone device to get them to a specific destination, or taking a tablet for reading purposes. The options are comprehensive, especially if you have access to an internet connection while on holiday, which is generally the case in 2021.

People are turning to technology before they even embark on a vacation away too. We tend to book a holiday using online platforms. In fact, according to a Google Travel study, 74% of travellers plan their holidays online, whereas only 13% of people still use travel agencies to arrange a trip away. It comes as no surprise to see holidaymakers then turning to an extensive selection of modern-day gadgets to get the best out of a holiday also. It’s what they know. 

Millennials have also played a huge part in the overall rise of technology in the travel industry. Not only are they more tech-savvy than many other age groups, but they’re open to taking a variety of inventions away with them on an adventure abroad. Some people might cover all things beauty related for their blog and need to take a laptop away with them, while others could be uploading footage of their stay in a swanky hotel onto YouTube. 

Mobile technology 

One form of technology most people take away with them is a smartphone device. These types of devices can perform a variety of tasks these days, with most of them coming in handy while in a foreign land. For some, using Google Maps to locate the nearest beach is a preference, while for others playing the Miss Fortune slot online appeals while relaxing around the pool with a cocktail in hand. There’s also the option of accessing Netflix shows, updating social media statuses, getting lost down a YouTube wormhole, reading up on the news from back home, and a heaps of other functionalities the sophisticated smartphones of today offer. 

On top of this, big players in the travel industry have adapted their offerings with smartphone devices in mind. For example, we can check-in online using a smartphone device on top of having the ability to be able to board a plane using a smartphone device to show our ticket. Even airlines like KLM have created an information service where customers can use Facebook Messenger to stay updated on details around a flight. Smartphones have become an integral tool for the modern-day traveller as a result. 

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Most gadgets make a stay go more smoothly 

On top of our increasing reliance on smartphones, people are turning to an array of gadgets that promise to make a break away go more smoothly too. If you’re travelling with a little one, for example, portable inventions like the Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine help them drift off to sleep in a new setting. Likewise, if you’re keen to avoid creased or wrinkled clothes before heading out for dinner in the evening, then a common product many people are turning to at the moment is the OVO Travel-Size Iron and Steamer. Then there are portable Wi-Fi routers like the Jetpack MiFi 8800L and popular smartphone camera tools like the Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal. The options are extensive and continue to change the way we travel.