Sustainable Women’s Clothing: How The World Mutually Benefits

Gone are the days when women used to rush to buy into the quickest fashion trends; we are looking at sustainable clothing brands and how shoppers are becoming more responsible for their investments. As the war between the fast fashion industry and sustainable women’s clothing rages on, we’re seeing more and more premium brands budding, and existing brands moving to sustainable models for the betterment of all. 

In this blog, let’s take a look at the benefits of you investing in a sustainable fashion for women as discussed below.

  • Contribute Towards The Betterment of the Environment and Positively Impact Climate Change: Brand manufacturers of clothes are generally based in third-world countries or poor countries where the industrial laws and environmental policies are weak. The use of chemicals, hazardous dyes, and outdated machinery worsen the overall pollution levels. By supporting sustainable women’s clothing, you can directly contribute towards making the planet closer to slowing down the climate change crisis, and maybe even reversing the damage caused in the long run. This is an amazing opportunity for you to reduce your carbon footprint, which directly impacts the environment.

  • Support Fair Labor and Workplace Practices: If you have been reading the news about the fast fashion industry and even renowned brands, you must be aware of their practice to hire cheap labor from economically disadvantaged countries. This also involves a leeway in these countries’ labor policies where child labor is permissible or practiced covertly, women are grossly underpaid and the minimum wage is appallingly low. Supporting sustainable brands that pay their laborers well, provide a healthy work environment, and do not use child labor is one of the first steps you can take to bring this toxic culture to a stop.

  • Support Small, Local, and Ethnic Owned Businesses: When you say yes to sustainable fashion, you’re also extending your support to better causes, such as small business owners and local organic boutiques selling sustainably created clothes. A lot of such sustainable fashion lines are owned by minorities such as indigenous designers and designers belonging to the BIPOC community. By purchasing from them, you are directly impacting the upliftment of their communities and helping them amplify their voices, thus giving them a platform for better opportunities as entrepreneurs.

  • Get Great Quality Clothes that Last Longer than Fast Fashion Trends: Last but not the least, sustainably created fashion lines have an amazing collection for every occasion and season. Made from recycled or organic recyclable materials, these clothes are soft, breathable, odor-free, and a fast-growing part of the high-street fashion trends as well. The biggest personal benefit of using sustainable brands is that they last longer and look just as good on the 100th wash as they did in the catalog!

About 400 billion dollars worth of waste is generated by discarding fast fashion products that aren’t built to last, most of which are burnt, pollute the oceans, or end up in landfills. The use of sweatshops where locals are subjected to unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment, mental abuse, and inhumane pressure to produce bulk luxury products can be put to a stop only when the consumers stop buying from such brands. Change the game by one simple step: Go to sustainable brands!