Reasons Why You Should Invest In Ethical or Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings  

If you are willing to invest in ethical engagement rings, you are making the right decision. Now, many of us must be unaware of what exactly these types of rings are. The diamond that is used here is made from recycled metal. They are formed with a very low impact on the environment and don’t cause harm to nature in any way. Lab created diamonds also fall in the same category. They are eco-friendly and go hand-in-hand with nature. We are going to talk about some advantages you will enjoy if you invest in ethical engagement rings.   

Reasons to consider ethical diamond engagement rings:

  • These rings are conflict-free

There were some acts that took place which caused a lot of damage like bloodshed and loss of many lives. Unlikely, these diamonds are conflict-free, which means they are safe from the abuse of human rights. These diamonds ensure conflict-free conditions like preventing child labor; monitor the workers and their wages.

  • They are eco-friendly 

We all are aware of the consequences Mother Nature is facing. We don’t want to add to it, do we? For the same, investing in lab created diamonds will be of great help. By doing this, you will invest in taking care of nature.

  • Use fair labor practice

The production of these lab created diamond rings is stable. In other words, the production company is acting fair with their labors and paying them well and on time. The trust between the workers and miners prevents the cold war.

  • Have many variations 

Hearing the term, “ethical diamond rings” must have got you to the conclusion that there won’t be many options. You are wrong! There are a ton of options to offer you from which you can select your favorite. If not this, they also provide an option of customizing your own ring where you can add your own personal touch to your ring. You will also come across lab grown colored diamonds that are gorgeous. Besides, you can also customize the shape of the diamond, size, transparency, and carat variations to suit your need and budget. 

The above mentioned were some of the reasons that will convince you to invest in ethical engagement rings. If you’re thinking about how these diamonds are made or how their material is, then hang on for more. 

As we all know, lab created diamonds are slowly replacing the earth mined diamonds today. This is because lab diamonds possess the exact same qualities of a natural diamond however they cost lesser than those. Hence these diamonds are a great choice for people who are looking to invest smartly.

Just like the natural diamonds that are mined from beneath the earth and shine radiantly, lab grown diamonds have the same attributes. If you’re wondering how this is possible, well, it is because of the composition of lab diamonds that is exactly the same as their counterparts. Lab-created diamonds are composed of 100% pure carbon and have the same chemical structure as mined diamonds.

The only content in lab grown diamonds – Carbon can be classified into 4 different categories based on its characteristics.

  1.     Hard Substance

If there is one basic thing diamonds are known for, it is their hardness. These gemstones are considered to be among the hardest substance found, and similarly, lab grown diamonds also possess the same quality. They are just as hard as natural diamonds. Some lab diamonds are even found to be harder than mined diamonds.

  1.     Quick Production

Since natural diamonds are formed in the earth’s crust, they take over hundreds and billions of years to get formed. Basically, there is no exact period under which these diamonds are made because it depends on certain factors like the pressure they undergo, the conditions below the crust and then finally the eruption of a volcano.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds can be produced quickly over just a few weeks. Although they’re completely formed of carbons, due to mimicking the natural conditions in a lab, these diamonds are formed in a short time span.

  1.     Clarity

Just like mined diamonds, lab created diamonds are also graded on the basis of factors such as clarity, cuts, carat and color. The clarity of these diamonds plays a major role as people love the diamonds because of their eternal radiance. Since lab grown diamonds are formed in a laboratory, the chances of them having any inclusions or defects are minimal.

  1.     Customizable

When you want to shop for a lab grown diamond, you have the complete freedom to customize your diamond as you like it. Since lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory you can choose everything right from colored diamonds, different shaped diamonds, and more. 

These were the 4 main factors that characterize a lab diamond and its material, and we’re sure these factors will help you make a choice between the lab diamond and natural diamonds. If you want to stand out from the crowd and want people to ask you about your ring, you must hurry and get yourself a diamond that compliments your personality.