Fast fashion is getting the good old boot. It's harmful to the environment, it's cheaply made and expensively sold. Not to mention, brands involved in fast fashion almost always use workers that are being exploited and abused. There was something charming about classic women’s fashion that never brought about the sorts of love-hate and sometimes daunting views that fast fashion gets. It tried to be something that fast fashion loathes, i.e. being timeless. It is not seen as a style that would fit an old lady, not a modern young fashionista. Yet, this stigma is dying and it's because of a few key reasons.

Stylists love it

Modern fashion is concerned with minimalism. This is a term you’ve often heard in technology, interior design and now fashion. However, fashion is extremely intricate. Sometimes outfits need to be held together, physically or with a cherry on top. This is why the popularity of luxury brooches has risen back in catwalk circles. The 2020 Schiaparelli spring/summer collection ran riot with brooches. It's ready-to-wear style is popular with women who don’t want to venture into bespoke fashion. Not to mention that brooches have been popularized thanks to celebrities wearing them. They can be about anything you like and yet appear charming. A dog made out of jewels, a blooming flower encrusted with diamonds, or perhaps a bird made out of pearls, the material choices and design options are endless.

High-waist jeans

They used to be known as ‘mom jeans’ but high-waisted jeans are in and here to stay. Who would have thought that a pair of jeans would become timeless? The high-waist gives you confidence, they just fit and feel better and they can be styled much more than regular jeans. Inherently, high-waist jeans are going to be baggy because they don’t often taper down to your thighs and calves. A baggy white t-shirt, with some bracelets or a necklace, together with a pair of sneakers goes well for the casual look. These jeans can also be worn with a crop top, shortening the midriff exposure as the jeans go over the belly button. 


Button-front skirt

Formal skirts have always been popular because they can really be worn on informal occasions. The button-front skirt is very popular because it's easy to fit, the buttons themselves are part of the style, the material choices are plentiful and they go well with lots of different shoes. Because the button-front skirt should go to knee-length because it is a formal item. However, you can make the item two-tone, have floral patterns, vibrant colors such as orange and yellow as well. The reason why it's easy to fit is that it's a high-waist skirt that is designed to be worn with the top being tucked in. A baggy t-shirt, with some small heels, would go well with the button-front skirt.

Classic style is rising because the fashion industry has desired some renewed inspiration. The timeless style that the classic wardrobe offers is just too hard to not look at, and admire.