Make Use of Unused Space in Your Home with These Cool Gadgets

Most of the unused space at home usually goes unnoticed. And you may be racking your head on what exactly to get to fill those spaces in your house. At times, you may not even know of the unused space until you find a gadget that can fit in that space. 

These spaces are such as the space between chairs that you have never found the right gadget for your life. Or, it can be your roofing space in your garage where you don’t even see space. Here are a few cool gadgets that can be used to fill those unused spaces. 

Shallow Spare Closet

In your closet, there’s probably not enough space that you have utilized. These may be the spaces above the normal counter. You can hang a bit of shelf there where you can store a bit of box above. 

These boxes can be used for make-up storage or any other small ornaments that can easily be lost. The same wall can be converted to a study room with quality space. The counter can be the desk. Other parts can be used for decorative measures. 

Overhead Garage Storage

If there’s a space you may never have thought of is the overhead space in your garage. This space can be used for various storage options. The one gadget that can easily fit in this space is the overhead garage storage racks because they can really open up space. For example, if you have a number of files that you may need at some point but still need them stored, this is the right space for them. Most of the options you have for this gadget can’t hold up much weight. You can store weight up to 800 pounds and a width of 4’ X 7’.

Ceiling Storage Rack

Another gadget that can be used for your overhead spaces is the slide storage system. These are quite ideal as they are made of industrial steel. This means they can be used for the storage of your various tools. 

When you’re a person that enjoys DIY, you need a safe place to store your tools. Especially if you have kids in the house, this is one of the best places to keep tools and keep them safe. And you can be sure the weight of the tools can hold here. 

The good thing about this gadget is that you don’t need a power source to power it. You can install it anywhere you feel like, and it has enough room too. It is around 6 inches from the ceiling. 

The gadget can carry up to 800 pounds worth of weight. You can install the rack in just about every room in your house. 

Ottoman Seats

The next gadget that you can look to make use of the spaces in your house is the ottoman seats. The seats offer you a sitting arrangement coupled with storage space all in one piece of furniture. For the unused spaces, you can consider using them in between chairs. 

When you use them here, you can use them for seating when you have company around. It can also be used as storage underneath the seating areas. You can use the spaces to store files and any other thing that fits in between the spaces. 

String Shelves System

String System Shelves are an innovative shelving system, designed to be flexible and stackable, allowing you to customize the shelves to fit in any area of your home. The shelves are made from a durable steel frame and come in a variety of colors and finishes. These shelves are perfect for storing books, magazines, photographs, and other items that you want to keep organized.

The shelves can be connected together or adjusted in height and length to create a unique storage solution that can fit almost any space. They can also be connected to the ceiling or wall to create a full-length storage system. These shelves come with all the necessary hardware and instructions to put them together. All you need is a few tools and can have your shelves up in no time. If these shelves are the solution you were looking for a long for your storage problems or the unique element you wanted to add to your living room, check out the Deco Elements string shelf vintage collection.

Towel/bag Racks

If there are necessities that can take up much space, it has got to be bags. If you don’t have a designated area where they can be kept, they’ll take up space. Towels, too, fall under the same category. 

For example, when you’re done with your shower and need to hang your towel, you need space for it. Space shouldn’t interfere with the arrangement you already have. This is where you need a rack to sort it out. 

A good towel/bag rack can hold your towels and also hold your bags. On the partitions where you’ll hang your towels, the bags will hang. The bags won’t need to take up any extra space as they will hang on the sides. 

The gadget also can be used behind doors, or you can have it on the walls adjacent to the windows. You can also use the gadget to hold your hats. When you don’t have enough space for your hats and they may be ruined, this is the best gadget to hold them and keep them in top shape. 

Bed Bookshelf


There have been a number of options for the under-the-bed storage for years and have been a success. Now, you can opt for the behind-the-bed bookshelf, which is not only but also classy. Here, you can use the bookshelf as a seat and a shelf too. 

When you have plenty of books, it can be tiresome trying to find space for them. This new idea takes away the need for a full-fledged shelf. It also ensures that you don’t take away the need for a seat in your bedroom. 

It also makes for elegant decor, giving your home a great feeling of comfort and elegance coupled. Try it for optimum results.


There are various unused spaces that you can seek to make use of in your house. You, however, need the right gadgets to make the spaces work for you. Here are some of the few gadgets that you can use to ensure that every space in your home is properly utilized. Enjoy efficient use of your space for ultimate comfort for you and your family today!