Luxury Travel: 7 Worldwide Shopping Destinations

Whether travelling for business or leisure, an overseas trip is never complete without a trip to a luxury shopping mall. While online shopping has continued to enjoy an uptick in the past few years, there's no better feeling than wandering around in indoor shopping malls and open-air markets. A shopping trip is a chance to see, feel, and in some cases, taste the goods you would like to take home. 

If you like to indulge in retail therapy during your travels, consider the following list of the seven best cities worldwide (aside from London) to visit and go on an international shopping spree.


  • Milan, Italy 

Great views aside, Milan, is regarded as home to some of the biggest brands in the world. It has specialized in fashion, high-end designer wear, and luxury items. Milan is home to some of the best jewelry stores in Italy, like Pisa Orologeria for example: in fact, the city has a long history of luxury craftsmanship and here you can find gorgeous unique pieces. In Milan, you will also find everything from renowned designers to upcoming ones looking to make a name for themselves. 

  • New York City, USA

Shopping in New York exposes you to limitless options. It's one of the few shopping capitals where you'll find uncountable boutiques and the best department stores. The best time to shop in New York is during the Christmas holidays. It offers shoppers an unforgettable experience as they shuffle from one store to the next. If it wasn't already on your bucket list, it's time you added it. 

  • Paris, France

For shopaholics on a mission to shop as much as possible, they can trust the City of Love not to disappoint. Many luxury brands have come to call this city home, making it the shopping capital for the wealthy and the fashion-forward.  Paris is the city to visit when looking to splurge on binding jewelry, an eyeful of designer bags, and perfectly tailored clothes. 

  • Bangkok, Thailand 

No shopaholic on an overseas shopping trip has been fully christened until they have shopped in Bangkok, Thailand. Their markets and malls have relatively affordable prices, and in each, you're likely to find between 500 to 8,000 diverse shops. Their malls stock everything from staple luxury brands to neat bargains. It's also the place to go when looking to shop for different items without visiting different malls. 

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A typical shopping mall in Dubai can best be described as a realization of previously unfulfilled shopping fantasies. From markets to malls, this city is filled with all kinds of temptations. What makes this city unique from the others in this list is that its shopping malls are more than just places to grab the latest electronics or designer wear. The malls provide entertainment for the entire family. 

  • Tokyo, Japan

By now, you probably know Tokyo is filled with endless cool shops ranging from department stores to discount stores. Depending on where in the city you find yourself, you could be shopping in a flagship store that stretches into eight buildings or sampling the latest gadgets on the other side of town. Tokyo is best known for its electronic stores, where you're bound to get the best deals on cellphones and cameras. 

  • Hong Kong, China

Many international shoppers prefer visiting Hong Kong as it's loaded with an equal amount of luxury and street products. You're guaranteed to find something unique every time you visit. Another good thing about shopping in Hong Kong is the shopping clerks. The clerks will follow you until you find what you're looking for, and if you don't, they'll get it for you. Hong Kong is best known for its bespoke tailoring. Visit the city if you want clothes specially made for you. 

The seven cities listed above are the best shopping destinations in the world. Each city has something unique to offer. Have you been lucky enough to visit any of the seven cities mentioned above? If so, where are you planning to visit next?