How to Reduce Sugar Intake? 6 Tips You Can Do Daily

Overeating sugar is not advisable because it can negatively affect your health. Too much sugar consumption contributes to obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Sugar that is found in fruits and vegetables is considered healthy. Processed foods contain added sugars that are dangerous to your health. Currently, the average American consumes a minimum of 68 grams of sugar per day. A man should consume 38 grams of sugar daily, while a woman should consume 25 grams of sugar daily. To reduce sugar consumption, here are some tips suggested by Raksasook, an informational website about health and remedies.


1. Cut out sugary drinks

Although sugar is added to many unexpected things, such as salad dressings, you can take the first step by avoiding sweetened beverages. Sodas and energy drinks contribute around 44% of the sugar in a typical American diet.


If you want to avoid diabetes and lose some weight, reduce your intake of sugary drinks. Consider consuming lower-sugar beverages such as water, herbal tea, and coffee.


2. Learn how to spot sugar

If you want to cut down sugar consumption, you need to learn the art of identifying it, even if it is in different forms like glucose and sucrose. Sugar is hidden in many products that you purchase from the stores. Therefore, it is up to you to be vigilant while distinguishing products containing sugar and those that do not.


3. Stay away from desserts

Most desserts that people buy and consume do not offer much when it comes to nutritional value. Some people consume desserts when they experience stress to bring their spirits up. They do not know that these desserts contain a lot of sugar that spikes your blood sugar, and as a result, you end up feeling exhausted and craving more sugar.


The best solution is to avoid sugary desserts and consume fresh fruits that improve your diet's vitamins, minerals, and fibre.


4. Consume full-fat foods

Before consuming diabetes supplements to lower your blood sugar levels, consider eating full-fat foods. The low-fat dairy products that most people love drinking replace fat with sugar to retain texture and taste.


According to most people, consuming foods that have fat makes you gain weight. However, there are healthy fats such as virgin olive oil that have a variety of health benefits.


Apart from increasing energy in your body, full-fat products contain less sugar and keep you full for longer. Therefore, you will not struggle with sugar cravings in between meals.


5. Eat whole foods

Since whole natural foods undergo minimal or no processing, they do not have added sugar. Additionally, they contain more fibre, which keeps your stomach full for longer. When you want to include carbs in any of your meals, consider the whole grain versions.


6. Plan your meals


If you plan for your next food ahead of time, you will not be in a hurry to make decisions and choose a meal loaded with hidden sugar. An excellent plan ensures that you will not be stuck hungry with only a chocolate bar or ice cream.




The majority of Americans consume more sugar than what is recommended per day. Follow the tips in this article to be in complete control of your sugar intake so that you do not end up consuming excess.


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