How to Prevent and Get Rid of Stained Teeth

Stained, discolored or yellow teeth can leave you feeling bad about yourself, they can lower your self-esteem and this can, unfortunately, lead to depression, stress and anxiety. Self-care and self-love are important. If you do not take time to look after yourself then who will? Prevention is often better than cure, so what can you do to prevent your teeth from staining and yellowing and what can you do to reduce the effects of staining and yellowing if this is unfortunately something that you are experiencing?

Strengthen The Enamel

Your teeth will look yellower and duller than they need to if the enamel has been weakened or if it has eroded over time. To strengthen your teeth's enamel then you need to use a good, well-recommended toothpaste that provides calcium and you need to cut down your consumption of fizzy drinks and foodstuffs. Fizzy pops and even acidic fruits such as oranges can damage your teeth and over time weaken their enamel. Of course, prevention is better than cure but if you are not in this position then it is still not too late to take a corrective course of action. There are solutions out there for helping you to strengthen and regain your enamel so do not hesitate to put them into action.

Cut Down On The Coffee And Tea

Coffee and tea may be a staple to your day but did you know that they can be staining your beautiful teeth. Daily drinking of coffee, tea or both could be discoloring your teeth and making them appear darker than they are. Large amounts of caffeine can affect how much sleep you have, and if you are lacking in sleep then your behavior may be affected the next day. When you are tired you often reach for junk foods or convenience foods and quite often these foods are fatty and full of sugar which is again bad for your teeth. Your diet, food intake and coffee/tea consumption are all linked so change them all together for the best results, and the best prevention from stained and yellowing teeth. Cutting down on coffee and tea will also reduce how much caffeine you are consuming which is beneficial to your health, your skin and your lifestyle.

Look At Teeth Whitening

When your teeth are quite badly stained, perhaps after years of poor dental hygiene, or perhaps through excessive caffeine consumption then you need to look at options that will get you the results, and that will get you the results you want fast. When looking at teeth whitening you want to look at using only the professionals. If teeth whitening is done incorrectly then the results can leave you wishing you had never done it in the process. If you go to site and find out what results you can expect to achieve then you can see how lovely and fresh teeth whitening can make your teeth feel. It is important to only use trusted professionals within the industry as there are many dodgy backstreet dentists who claim to leave you with the best results, but in reality, leave you with a mouthful of regret. Teeth whitening will lift the shade of your teeth and will make them feel and look a lot healthier, whiter teeth will affect how you and your mouth both look and feel.

Floss And Brush

Preventing yellow or stained teeth is important and two of the ways you can do this is to correctly brush your teeth and floss regularly. When you brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes you can guarantee that you will be getting rid of any nasties and germs that might be damaging the enamel of your teeth and as a result discoloring them. When you floss you also remove any other hidden bits of dirt or muck that may have been ingrained in your teeth and over time may have caused enamel erosion and stained teeth. When you floss you ensure that you are eradicating anything that may harbor any bacteria or germs which could also build up and leave you with a foul-smelling breath.

Getting rid of stained teeth and preventing them from staining in the future requires time, effort and dedication. It is no good being ad-hoc with your brushing or flossing efforts as this will leave you with less than appealing and desirable results. Creating a good routine for your oral healthcare is important and so too is sticking to a routine. If you put into place a plan of action now then you should see the results sooner rather than later.

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