How to make your college apartment feel more like home

Are you in college? Would you like to liven up your apartment? Then this is the article for you. In this article, we will look at tips that you can apply to change up your college apartment and make it more like home. With the amount of help that students get online, which includes They get to enjoy a lot of free time that they could utilize to liven up the mood of their apartment. So if you would like to know how, follow along and let us redecorate that apartment.

While living in an apartment, you get the advantage of applying a lot of changes to it. Unlike dorms, apartments do not have a lot of restrictions. You can hence change up that beat-up room and turn it into one of those fancy apartments. So let us dive into how to achieve such a feat.

  • Plants

Plants have many advantages when placed in a room, but the one that stands out the most is the fact that it provides a unique décor to your room. Over that, they also offer an additional touch of tranquility and style. Plants also freshen up the air of the room.

You can place your plant in a corner or hanging from your ceiling according to how you feel it fit your décor. 

If you are not a big fan of natural plants in the house, you can use fake plants. They provide a similar effect.

  • Place a rug down

Do you have a spot on the floor that looks nasty? Then rugs will solve that issue for you. Rugs cover up parts of the floor that look unappealing to the eye. They also add a cozy feel to the room. 

Rugs come in various colors, so you can choose between making the place look more colorful and making the area look neutral. You can also use plain or patterned rugs, whichever makes the site look more stunning.

  • Add mirrors

People always love to look at themselves in the mirror. There is always a kind of pleasant feeling that comes when you see your reflection. Hence mirrors are a great way to brighten up the room. On top of that, mirrors make the room look even more spacious.

If the place does not have enough lighting, you can always place the mirror next to a window to reflect light into the room.

  • Use art decorations

Adding abstract wall art is a great way to bring a good vibe into the apartment. It makes the place look more relaxed and more like home. In addition, art, such as paintings, pictures, and stickers, can cover up spots on the walls that are not attractive.

However, when choosing the art to use in your room, make sure it blends in with the place. There are many options; hence you should not settle for art that makes the room duller. Other types of art that can be used include moldings and carvings, so before you settle for the kind of art you want, make sure you go through all the available options. Check out art debate topics to get some useful start info on the latest art trends.

  • Hide the crappy stuff

As a student, purchasing new furniture and beds is a hard thing to do, considering the budget issue. Hence many of them end up buying used up furniture, which is sometimes quite unsightly.

If your sofa is unsightly, it makes the entire room look ugly; it is hence an issue to deal with pronto. To make the couches look better, try placing throw pillows and blankets on them. The two items are cheap and hence are better than buying a new sofa.


Making a college apartment feel more lively is not an easy feat for many. However, if you follow all the tips provided in this article, your apartment will be feeling like home in no time.