How to Have the Best Girls Trip

There is nothing more special and exciting than planning a girl's trip. Just check out all the movies and TV shows that showcase fabulous ladies getting out and enjoying some time together in new places. Whether it's a crazy and wild weekend or a relaxing vacation in a log cabin in the mountains, there are so many different ways to extract yourself from the world and enjoy some time with your besties on a great vacation.


Planning a girl's trip can feel like a big job. From setting the itinerary to packing all the essentials to inviting the right group of people, there's a lot that goes into setting up the perfect vacation. You want to be sure everything will go off without a hitch and you'll be able to make memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some suggestions to help you plan the best girl's trip for you and your gal pals.

Start with a great itinerary.


While a good vacation is about the journey and the destination, your destination is a pretty essential part of planning. As you're preparing your trip, it's important to set up a great itinerary. Know some of the highlight destinations you definitely want to visit while preparing certain accommodations along the way. Your road trip plans are going to look different than a beach vacation on a Caribbean island which will be different than a month-long trip to Europe. Whatever you chose to do, be sure you have a plan and an itinerary that involves something fun for everyone that's going on the trip.

Set a travel budget for each person.

If you're traveling in a group, chances are not everyone has the same financial situation. For some people, this may be their first time splurging on a big trip so they have specific needs. Others may be comfortable spending hundreds of dollars to have a good time. As you start to prepare, it's important to set a travel budget for everyone on the trip. This way, you can look for coupons and discounts if necessary.


Travelin Coupons, for example, offers great customer service while offering cheaper rates to visit many of the top sites in the United States. From New York City to Los Angeles, you'll have great options for coupon codes to get the best results when it comes to prices. No one needs to stress out about the cost. Instead, establish a budget upfront and plan on sticking to it.

Bring recreational goodies to enjoy.

Everyone knows a great road trip needs the perfect snacks and goodies. When it comes to your girls' trip, don't be afraid to have a little fun. Bring recreational goodies like alcohol and CBD oil. The best CBD oil on the market comes in multiple flavors and potencies.


Enjoy a dosage on vacation that can give you positive side effects and help you relax. While many CBD products are typically used to alleviate chronic pain or assist with insomnia, you can also use creams, gummies, capsules, serums, oils, and more to help you enjoy some fun on your trip.

Pack stylish and comfortable looks.


When you're out with your girls, you want to look your best. Whether you're out on the town or enjoying downtime at the hotel, make sure you pack accordingly. Bring some of your highest-quality looks that make you feel great and comfy pajamas for the nights you chose to stay in. You may need a full spectrum of looks depending on each day's activities. Be sure to remember the essentials as well from underwear for women to socks and shoes for each outfit.

Try something new.

A girls' trip is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone for a little while. So many of life's special moments occur when you're willing to take a risk and try something new. Live in that discomfort and go out on a limb on your trip. Plan a day where you all go take ballet classes or sing a new type of music at karaoke. Do a workout on the beach at sunrise or try a grapefruit for the first time. No matter what it is, the important thing is you're taking advantage of a great option to try something out of your comfort zone.

Enjoy all the self-care you could possibly need.

Getting away on vacation can be a great time to focus on your overall health and wellness. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in some self-care. Have an at-home spa day with hydrafacials and chemical peels. Each the mint chocolate chip ice cream while you enjoy a glass of wine. Try out new lotions and moisturizers and finally enjoy some rest for a body that is plagued with fatigue. Take advantage of time away to truly unwind and enjoy much-needed relaxation.

Commit to a great group of friends.

When you're planning a great trip, you don't want to share it with just anyone. While a lot of people may come to mind as perfect travel companions, you want your closest friends there with you. Invite your favorite people that will spruce up the trip with positive energy and lots of laughs. This will help make the final product of your trip the best it can possibly be. It will also guarantee that you're sharing these great memories with the most special people in your life.

Capture all the special memories.


Living in the moment on vacation is a wonderful way to truly get away from all the stressors in your life. That being said, it can also be really special to capture the big moments and memories you have on your trip. Take lots of pictures or even make a fun video of crazy moments you all share together. Hype each other up and capture those special experiences. This way, you can look back for the rest of your life. Nostalgia is a fun and powerful thing, so you want to come up with ways to capture moments in the here and now to enjoy as you reminisce later on down the line.