If you love talking about fashion and beauty, you may want to one day try getting your voice heard by the masses. The beauty of modern technology is that anyone can be heard if they make the effort. There are lots of new channels into the beauty industry if you would like to share your opinion and spread news about the things you are interested in. However, it's a billion dollar industry, with hundreds of thousands if not millions of voices. If you want to become one of those few that have influence in the industry, start working your way towards taking these baby steps.

Share a brand

We all have beauty brands that we love head and shoulders above others. If you genuinely believe in the brand and their products, why not become an advocate for them? Better yet, if you become an Avon rep you can get paid for spreading the good word. You earn up to 30% commission on all your sales for every £1. So if you sell a product worth £20, you’ll earn £6. However, most of us buy in bulk or we like to try lots of different products at once. So chances are you’ll make a decent living from several customers you are selling too. Not to mention, you get a free online brochure as a welcome and some helpful tips for how you could speak about products you like. Not everyone is a descriptive wizard so this helps.

Just start reviewing

A lot of the most famous beauty bloggers have gotten famous by reviewing products. This does mean you need to buy the products you are reviewing and putting effort into the videos or blogs you make. So expect to spend money before you start seeing a return on investment (ROI). However, you can work with brands without breaking your integrity. You can ask for products to be delivered to you, even if they are just samples, from the brands themselves. Most likely they will give you samples but that should help you to save money at least. Write about the product honestly, in categories so it's easy to read. Categories such as price, texture, presentation, feel, smell, etc, are all notable areas to begin.

Video reviews

Becoming a beauty vlogger has become a bit of a viable career option these days. You can look on YouTube to see just how many normal people who love beauty are becoming rich and famous by doing video reviews of products they like. This also means you need to buy good equipment such as lights, cameras, tripods, etc. You’ll also need to buy editing software. Before you begin, do plenty of research for what kind of equipment is best. And when you’re ready to film, remember to be original! Don’t copy a character from another channel, be yourself.

These are just some of the ways you can enter the beauty industry. Support a brand you love, create a great beauty blog and invest in equipment if you want to start a YouTube channel.