How To Create The Finest Pin Up Look Within Budget

Most pin-up girls aren’t rolling in cash. When you see them in these stunning photos, you might think that they’ve spent a fortune on their vintage wardrobe. That isn’t the reality. Most of them have been embracing the style for a long time and have found ways to indulge in the vintage look while maintaining a budget. 

It’s not hard and there is some creativity in terms of finding pieces that work within your budget and putting them together to create a stylish look. 

If you’ve always wanted to try the style but were put off by the potential expense, then this guide is for you.

Create The Look On a Budget

Creating the pin-up look is doable on a budget. You have to find a balance between the things you spend more money on and the things you get cheaper. Your Vintage Jewelry to complete the look is something you’ll want to spend on. These also don’t have to go over budget. You can find great deals on vintage pieces.

The pin-up look is all about mixing personal style with the trend itself. You can go for bright cheery colors or you can lean towards a black and white dramatic feel or opt for a more sexy, sultry approach. There is a lot of versatility within the pin-up era in fashion. 

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the look. Here is how to create the finest pin-up look all within budget. 

1. Thrifting is Your Best Friend

Thrifting is going to be your best friend for finding gems and reduced costs. You may think it’s embarrassing to be seen in second-hand stores but there really is nothing to be ashamed of. People of all walks of life with different purposes and means go thrift shopping. If you go looking with a keen eye and some patience, you can come away with some amazing items. Sometimes these items are hard to find or the last of something. 

When you’re going thrifting, have a basic idea of what types of pieces suit your personal pin-up style. Avoid picking up pieces because they look good. If they aren’t your style, you’ll most likely end up not using them. They can be left for some who have a use for them. 

2. Drugstore Makeup is as Good as Luxury Brands

It is super easy to think you have to splurge on luxury makeup. You don’t. Drugstore makeup can get you the look just as good as and sometimes better than your more high-end brands. The key with drugstore makeup is testing if there are testers available. Look at the quality of the packaging and read reviews. 

You can look for makeup tutorials that use only drugstore makeup to get honest reviews on great products. You’ll save a ton of money and get the look you want. 

3. Shop at Alternative Stores

Another budget option is to shop at alternative stores. Online stores like Poshmark, Amazon, and eBay. People use them to sell items they bought and never used, used only once, or bought too much of. This is a great way to find pieces to fill out your pin-up collection. 

The key to this is to look through carefully and try to shop in outfits. That way you want to end up with a lot of mix-matched pieces that are hard to put together. 

4. Learn to Sew

Another great option is to learn how to sew. This isn’t a quick fix as it’ll take time to pick up the skill but once you have it, you can create your own items. This will help you stay on budget and if you get good enough, you can specialize and make vintage-style clothing for others. It’ll be a great way to make some extra money to support your inner pin-up girl. 

5. Repurpose What You Have

Probably the easiest on this list is repurposing what you already own. You may be surprised to find that you have clothing, jewelry, makeup, shoes, etc. that can be used to create your looks. It’s a matter of looking at what you have and seeing what they can be. You may need to make some alterations here and there, but it will still be cheaper than buying new items. 

One other thing to consider is that you may see a lot of girls on social media with the perfect Instagram page. It seems like their wardrobe never ends; don’t believe the hype. A lot of these influencers or models get their items from brand deals and sponsorships. In time you can start getting these opportunities as well. For now, enjoy the process and have fun creating your looks with the things available to you. The pin-up look is as much to do with the overall look as it does with your charisma. Carry yourself with confidence.