How To Create A Relaxing Spa Bath Session At Home

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After a long stressful week, it is crucial to get some stress out! Although a deep tissue massage or a relaxing day at the spa would be charming, they can be quite expensive and besides, you may have to wait for an available slot. Luckily, your bathtub can do just the trick. You can get the benefits of a great massage and spa day in the comfort of your own home with a nice hot relaxing bath. So, how can you create a soothing, de-stressing spa bath experience? Here are a few tips.

Take a shower before you bath

Well, it’s true that a bath makes you clean. However, a relaxing one is quite different as it serves a different purpose. You would want to spend time enjoying your soak instead of taking an actual bath. It would not be so relaxing if you have to be in the tub with dirty water. Therefore, before you go ahead to take your bath, shower first! Doing this to get clean makes it easier for you to enjoy a more relaxing bath time with no worries about dirt.

Fill the bath with warm water

The temperature of your bath water is an essential part of your relaxing bath. Although this is a personal decision, warm water is considered a better and more beneficial option, especially if you aim to relax. Hot water is said to increase blood flow to your skin to keep it clean and healthy, reduces muscle tension, lowers blood pressure, and even helps you fall asleep easily. Be sure your water temperature is reasonable as scalding hot water could cause burns and aggravate skin conditions such as rosacea. However, water that is not too cold or too warm can be harmful to your health. Health experts have said that this can be stressful in your cardiovascular system and send your body into shock. Before you get into the bath, test the water with your wrist because your fingers and hands have a high tolerance for heat.

Place candles around

The ambience of your bathroom is vital to achieving a relaxing bath since the atmosphere affects your mood. Just like a spa, the environment should induce serenity, calm, and relaxation. In your bathroom, you can light up a few candles around. There is just something about candles that make them an instant mood changer! Around your bath, you can place a couple of tea lights to illuminate the space with a warm glow and make you feel more relaxed and calm. Be sure to avoid placing them by flammable items to prevent any avoidable mistakes that could occur. You should also consider getting scented candles to enjoy some calming aromatherapy during your bath. Don’t forget to get a book and a glass of wine to really unwind.

Add bath salts

Before you get into your bath, you should consider adding a handful of bath salts. Unscented bath salts or Epsom salts which are crystallised magnesium sulfate are a great addition to a relaxing bath. There are several advantages to using these substances. It moisturises the skin by hydrating it and reduces inflammation. Bath salts also relieve sore joints, offer healing properties, reduce stress, and help with insomnia. It also makes the bathwater smell good and feel softer against your skin. Pour your bath salts into your bath water and soak in it for 10-20 minutes to read and enjoy its benefits. You can also consider using bath bombs which have similar effects to bath salts. Fortunately, these salts are not challenging to come by in stores. Or you can read this detailed tutorial to learn how to make your own bath bombs.

Use essential oils 

If you are not a big fan of bath salts or are looking for an alternative, you should consider adding essential oils to your bath. Doing this offers a quick and luxurious way to let go of some stress. Oils such as lavender, lemon oil, and Eucalyptus oil are the few you should consider including in your baths. These oils offer aromatherapy, treat your skin, relieve stress, pain, inflammation, and soreness, help you sleep, and are an effective mood booster. 

Bath oils

Another alternative for bath salts and essential oils is bath oil. Bath oils come in various scents to ensure you have a sweet-smelling bath. In addition to its fragrance, these oils also protect your skin from dehydrating due to the hot water in the bath. Bath oils are also known to strengthen the body’s immunity to viral and bacterial infections. It also treats and prevents various skin diseases as well. Due to their intrinsic warmth, these oils dilate the blood vessels to boost blood circulation. They also reduce fatigue and stiffness in the joints. So, you should consider soaking into a warm bath of bath oils to reap their benefits.

Make a bubble bath

What is a relaxing bath without some bubbles? Hopefully, you aren’t embarrassed about this. Because, why should you be! Bubble baths are actually quite relaxing. To get your bubbles going, you should pour them gently under running water. However, do select your bubble bath soaps cautiously. Many bubble bath soaps available on the market are filled with dyes, sulfate, and other chemicals that can irritate and dry up the skin. Therefore, go for more chemical-free bubble soaps to ensure that you do not put the health of your skin on the line for a few minutes of fun. You may deal with the consequences in the long run.

Put on a face mask

Your bath is meant to be a replication of a spa experience, so go all out! In a spa, you would most likely be treated to a refreshing face mask. So, why not do the same at home? Simultaneously using a face mask while you take a hot bath is quite beneficial. The steam from the bath opens up your pores, making it a great time to put on a mask. While you soak in the tub, apply a dose or a sheet of your favourite mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes. 

You should also consider applying an exfoliator or hand and body scrub to give yourself a good clean. This makes your skin soft and supple. After that, dab your face off with a warm washcloth. Your skin would radiate with a glow that shows off how wonderful a relaxing bath really is. You can play some of your enjoyable music, sip on healthy cucumber-infused water, or meditate while you enjoy your mask and your bath.

Get luxurious and comfortable textiles

Even when your bathtub escape is over, the relaxing spa experience isn’t. Keep a luxurious and soft towel to dry yourself with. It is advisable to use clean cotton towels. This is because cotton is breathable and more absorbent. It is also soft and gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause irritation. A fluffy robe and comfortable slippers are also a must-have. Be sure also to apply moisturiser to treat and replenish your skin. After your bath, your skin may feel dehydrated. 

You can never go wrong with an old-fashioned hot bath. These tips are the essential components you should place to ensure you have a relaxing and stress-free bath. Therefore, you are at liberty to add your unique twist by incorporating what works for you. Remember that reducing stress is a vital component of self-care, so don’t compromise on doing so as often as you must.