How To Create A Proper Skincare Routine In 5 Easy Steps

A daily skincare routine is necessary if you want to keep your skin looking its best every day. Despite knowing this, many of us fail to give the much-needed care and love it deserves. Skincare is like taking care of an infant because proper skincare takes time, dedication, and effort. In addition to that, you need to be consistent to maintain the results.

Taking care of your skin is no different than taking care of your health. However, one good thing about a healthy skincare routine is that they are not as complex as hitting the gym. With just simple and affordable practices, you can establish a proper skincare routine.

However, if you are more of a skincare product user and less of a daily maintenance person, skincare products in Dubai might give you a wide range of options.

How To Create A Proper Skin Care Routine?

The definition of a proper skincare routine might be different for different people. As a matter of fact, there are several skin types that need different skincare routines. In addition, we have different seasons that also influence the skincare routine.

Depending on what type of skin type you have and what season you are going through, multiple skincare routines can be formed. Listing down every routine is not possible into a single content, so we have come up with a genetic routine, which after some tune-up, can be used by everyone to some extent.

Step 1: Cleanse With Water Only

It is necessary that you keep your skin clean all the time. Now that we say clean, we don't mean to say use of any products. Cleaning your skin with clean water will get the job done.

Water is a neutral element, and cleaning with the water will leave no side effects. So, the first step of a healthy skincare routine is to clean your skin with clear water. Now in this step, you can use just your hand to wash off dirt or use an exfoliating sponge to remove dead cells.

Step 2: Use Hydrosol

Following the cleansing step, using hydrosol is a good way to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrosol is a hydrating cream that builds a water wall over your skin and keeps it hydrated.

There are several hydrosol products in the market. You can go with which event product that your skin complements. However, if you would like to take our advice, we would like you to recommend products with natural elements like lavender and roses.

Step 3: Apply Serum

Now that you have created a protective wall over your skin, it is time to do makeovers. These are the products that contain certain elements to give a frightening look to your skin. These products help you balance the time of your skins.

The serum is applied first so that it gets time to sit on your skin. It then activates itself, giving you a natural-looking brighter skin tone.

Step 4: Moisturize

Moving on to the moisturizers. Using a moisturizer with natural plant oil ingredients is a safe bet for any skin type, especially sensitive ones. Adding the moisturizer to your skin ensures that your skin remains soft and smooth.

Step 5: Apply Sun Protection

And finally, apply sun protection—this usually for the people who live in a place with a lot of sunlight hours. If you live in cold places where sunlight hours are less, there is no point in applying sun protection cream.


While the skincare product varies from person to person and skin type to skin type, the order of using these products can certainly make the difference between an effective skincare routine or simply wasting your money thoughtlessly.

We have enumerated the basic steps to keep your skin healthy in most of the season. You might find this routine not exactly tailor-made for you. Hence you are free to make the necessary changes. However, do not change the order of the routine.