How to Choose the Perfect RV for Your Needs

Over 10 million American households own a recreational vehicle (RV). 17.2 million more are currently looking to purchase one. That makes RVing among the most popular activities in the country.

The allure of owning an RV comes from the huge convenience that these vehicles bring. The vehicle affords you the freedom to travel wherever you want and save as much as 60 percent of what you’d spend on a conventional holiday.

If the idea of spending an exciting time on the road and in the many RV campgrounds around the country appeals to you, then chances are on the lookout for an RV for sale. The choice of RV you make can be the difference between an amazing experience for you on the road and deep regrets a few months after the purchase.

In today’s post, we’ve put together seven actionable tips to help you make an informed and confident purchase. Read on to learn more.

Consider Safety

If this is your very first RV, it’s likely that you’re considering buying a used one. If that’s the case, insist on seeing the maintenance record of the vehicle.

Don’t just assume that every rig you see on the dealership floor is roadworthy. With a purchase as big as you’re about to make, it’s critical to verify whether the previous owner took proper care of the RV during the time they used it.

You may find that the previous owner didn’t store the RV well and that its seals weren’t maintained. That means you’ll probably spend a few days and a considerable amount of money replacing the walls as a result of water damage. The RVs for rent in Chicago Illinois are well-maintained and offer safety and peace of mind for your travels. These vehicles are regularly serviced and inspected, ensuring that all safety measures are up to date.

Take the time to thoroughly inspect the rig, starting with the upholstery and ending with the stitching. Go through every system with the dealer to ensure they’re working properly.  That includes the AC, engine, slide mechanism, propane, and every other amenity in the RV.

In addition to the internal systems, don't overlook the structural integrity of the caravan. A crucial aspect of this is the bonding and adhesion of various panels and components. The right caravan panel adhesive is pivotal for maintaining the integrity of the vehicle's structure. Proper adhesive application ensures that panels remain securely attached, preventing potential issues like leaks and compromising the overall safety and longevity of the caravan. 

If, after the inspection, you have the slightest suspicion that the rig isn’t ready to hit the road, halt the buying process and look elsewhere. 

Prioritize Comfort

Whether you intend to be one of the 1 million Americans who live in RVs full-time or simply want to use your rig on occasion, comfortability is key. 

Admittedly, most RVs on the market aren’t as comfortable or relaxing as the home you leave behind. That’s because rigs are generally much less spacious than houses. However, if you want to enjoy the RV lifestyle to the fullest, you can’t afford to settle for an uncomfortable rig.

Take your time to find an RV that feels as good to you as possible. Feeling cramped or claustrophobic during a long trip can take the fun out of RVing.

Visit a dealership and take the time to get a feel of the various RV classes on offer.

Check How Much Storage the RV Has

When hunting for an apartment or a house, one of the first things you consider is how much storage the home has. The same should apply to your RV search, especially if you plan on spending extended periods of time in your RV or plan to live in it full-time.

With a fifth-wheel, chances are you’re going to have a considerable amount of storage, so you won’t downsize much. A class C motorhome may have much less storage, especially if you have a family.

Before you make the purchase, inspect the storage capacity of the rig. Will it be enough for all your stuff, including your food, clothes, shoes, camping gear, and other essential belongings?  

Consider the Floor Plan

RVs come in thousands of different floor plans. That means you can find a floor plan that’s ideal for you.

The best floor plan is one where everyone has their place to sleep unless you have a large family. If you have pets, consider their needs as well if you plan to regularly go camping with them.

Make sure that the floor plan you choose offers room for all amenities you need. Walk through RVs with different floorplans to get a better feel of their floor plans. Where you still can’t seem to make up your mind on which plan is ideal for you, consider renting an RV first for a while and see whether you’d be comfortable living in it for the long term. 

Think About Your Camping Style

What type of camper are you? Do you intend to do your camping in RV parks? If so, you’ll most likely need a smaller RV.

For campers who prefer a full hookup site, a dedicated RV resort should have no problem accommodating a rig of any size.

Consider Privacy

Privacy is a huge point, especially when kids are part of your camping. In many Class C RVs, there’s no door in the master bedroom. You’ll probably need to use a curtain. 

Most 5th wheels come with a separate master bedroom that has a door. This makes a huge difference when it comes to privacy. 

Opt for an RV that allows you to have your personal space. 

Think About Your Budget

It’s very likely that you have a set budget for an RV. You want to stick to this budget when hunting for the right RV for you. 

Try to be as realistic as possible. Don’t fall in love with a fifth-wheel if you cannot afford a truck to pull it. It’s better to opt for a class C motorhome, whose overall price is more likely to be conservative.

Choose the Right RV for a Great Camping Experience 

Purchasing an RV is an enormous responsibility, and you want to get every little detail right. Know what features to look for in an RV, and stay true to your budget. This way, you can get an RV that helps you and your family enjoy the best camping adventures on the road.

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