How to Choose the Best Cannabis Vaporizer?

The vaping concept may have been conceived as a safer and healthier alternative to traditional nicotine delivery methods. 

However, vaping has since transitioned from being a cigarette-cessation aid into a lifestyle. That might explain the growing number of celebrities who are taking to vaping. 

This post shall focus on choosing the best cannabis vaporizer. But before that, it’s essential to start by understanding the basic concept behind vaping. 

What Is Vaping?

Vaping involves the inhalation of vapor produced by a device known as a vaporizer, electronic cigarette (e-cig), or simply a vape device.

The vaping process is simple and straightforward. 

You begin by administering your preferred vape products into a compartment built in your e-cig. The compartment is known as the vape tank. 

Next, you turn on the device and allow its battery to power the heating chamber, commonly known as the atomizer. The atomizer usually contains a wick or series of wicks that run from the chamber to the vape tank. 

As the atomizer heats up, it transfers heat through the wicks to the vape tank by conduction or convection method, resulting in vapor production. You then complete the process by sucking air from the vaporizer through the mouthpiece (also known as drip tip). 

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Why Vape Cannabis?

The first benefit of vaping cannabis is that this delivery method comes with a faster onset time. When you invest in high-quality vape products like pachamama salt nic 30ml from reputable companies, you can usually feel the effects of vaping within five minutes. That’s in contrast to cannabis edibles or topicals, whose effects can take hours to kick in. 

Another benefit of vaping cannabis is that it comes with higher bioavailability, also known as the absorption rate. In respect to cannabis vaping, bioavailability refers to the amount of cannabinoids that enter your system relative to the total amount inhaled. The absorption rate in vaping can be as high as 75%, compared to edibles that usually have a bioavailability of around 45%. 

Vaping is famous as a cigarette-cessation aid. That’s because vape products, even cannabis-based ones, usually contain varying levels of nicotine. Therefore, vapers can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine they consume, unlike smokers, who usually consume fixed nicotine doses. 

Last but not least, vaping cannabis comes with all the health benefits of the plant. Examples include relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and insomnia.

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Choosing the Best Cannabis Vaporizer

Understand the parts of a vaporizer

We began by highlighting how the vaping process entails and the parts of a vaporizer involved. 

A vape device has four essential components, including;

  • A vape tank, which holds the substance like vape oil or dry herb
  • A battery, which powers the device
  • An atomizer, which converts electrical power into heat
  • Mouthpiece/Drip tip, which you suck into to draw vapor into your mouth

Choose what to vape

Most cannabis vaporizers feature built-in liquid cartridges, which makes them suitable for use with vape oils. 

But as you shall find, there are numerous other cannabis products that you can vape, including wax concentrates and dried herbs. 

Wax concentrates and dried herbs tend to be purer and more potent than cannabis-infused e-liquids. Most importantly, note that you should use these products with vaporizers suited explicitly for them.

Distinguish between conduction and convection vaporizers

It’s important to know whether a cannabis vaporizer works by conduction or convection method before choosing it. 

Conduction vaporizers utilize direct heat to vaporize the material. Such devices are suitable for use with dried cannabis herbs or wax concentrates. On the other hand, convection vaporizers heat the vaping material indirectly using a stream of pressurized hot air. This mechanism is common among cannabis e-cigs that use liquid cartridges. 

If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to stay away from conduction vaporizers. That’s because direct heat exposure may destroy many of the material’s medically beneficial compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, the high amount of heat generated during conduction vaping could escalate the degradation of your vaporizer. 

Consider the material

The material that a vaporizer is made of determines its durability and stylishness. As you shall find, these materials depend on the component of the vaporizer. 

Generally, all parts that come in direct contact with heat, such as the atomizer and vape tank, should preferably be made of solid and non-corrosive metals like stainless steel and platinum. 

When it comes to the drip tip, you’ll encounter a range of materials, including glass, rubber, metal, plastic, and wood. Experts advise choosing e-cig mouthpieces made of glass. That’s because glass is a poor conductor of heat. So, it’s unlikely to melt, burn, warp, or get uncomfortably hot while vaping.

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Size matters

Cannabis vaporizers come in different sizes, ranging from handheld devices to tabletops. 

As the name implies, handheld vaporizers are small, portable devices that can fit into your hands. They generally include rechargeable batteries and are excellent for stealth vapers. 

On the other hand, tabletops are vaporizers intended for use at stationary points. Most tabletops usually don’t include rechargeable batteries. Instead, they work by plugging into an electrical socket. Also, tabletops generally contain more customizable features compared to handheld vaporizers.

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Choosing cannabis vaporizers is more or less similar to choosing standard e-cigs. You’ll need to begin by understanding the benefits of vaping marijuana and familiarizing yourself with the vaporizer’s basic anatomy. Then, you can consider aspects like the heating mechanism, material, and size.