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How Movies and TV Influence Fashion

Fashion is such a wonderful thing in our world. It’s influenced by culture, personal taste, trends, society, economic status, its portrayal in different mediums, and so forth, giving us a glimpse into the unique nature of our world. 

On the subject of different mediums moving fashion, TV shows we’re obsessed with, and movies we can’t get enough of significantly influence fashion. And we’re thankful for it because of how positive that’s been for each of us individually and the fashion industry as a whole. 

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Let’s take a look at six ways movies and TV influence fashion.  

Recognize the Relationship Between Culture and Fashion 

First, we must appreciate how movies and TV highlight the relationship between culture and fashion. With the hopes that cable TV and broadcasting follow suit, streaming services have committed to having shows and movies with more diversity and inclusion on their platforms. 

Accurately, representing all races, genders, ethnicities, body types, lifestyles, abilities, and so forth in on-screen talent includes their fashion. Their clothing and accessories help create a complete depiction of the character and the culture they’re immersed in. They also inspire fashion designers to create clothing, accessories, and beauty products for all types of people in real life as well.  

In addition to movies and TV recognizing the relationship between culture and fashion, they’ve also inspired an entire movement through character fashion. 

Comic-Con and Costumes

There are so many characters in movies and TV shows with such notable fashion that we simply want to drape ourselves in their clothing, accessories, and even their costumes. In fact, costumes are a huge industry sector, raking in millions of dollars a year. 

We celebrate Halloween every year, with millions dressing up as their favorite characters from influential comic books like Captain America, Green Lantern, or Fantastic Four. There’s even Comic-Con every year where people dress up as characters from comic books and their accompanying movies and TV shows and celebrate comic book culture. 

Additionally, super-hero-influenced real-world fashion is absolutely a thing, and fashion designers everywhere are into it. Incorporating the drama, edge, and innovative construction of superhero costumes into everyday and couture fashions will remain a big part of the industry. So long as comic books and their accompanying television shows and movies remain in production. 

Aside from culture, Comic-Con, and costumes, movies, and TV also replicate what’s current in fashion. 

Replicate What’s Current in Fashion 

Many movies and TV shows we watch are set in the current year or one close. So, many of the characters are wearing today’s fashion trends. And replicating what’s current in fashion in movies and TV shows changes the way we dress in real life.  

When movies and TV shows replicate what’s current in fashion, it influences what we wear day-to-day. In other words, when we see different ways to style what’s current in fashion, we begin to try them in our daily outfits. 

Movies and TV also influence fashion by reintroducing looks from the past. 

Reintroduce Fashion From the Past 

With any movie or TV show set in a specific time, the fashion worn by the actors and actresses will be representative of that time as well. This gives us insight into cultural and societal norms, gender roles, and the connection between economic status and fashion during the time. 

Additionally, when fashion from the past is reintroduced to us through different movies and shows, we often get ideas for putting a personal spin on past fashion. Much like bell bottoms, jersey dresses, and platform shoes are a hit again, other fashion from our rich history will be too. 

In talking about replicating what’s current in fashion and reintroducing looks from the past, we can’t forget how movies and TV also inspire new looks on the runway. 

Inspire New Looks on the Runway 

When we see what we’re wearing now and what we used to wear in movies and tv, it inspires new looks on the runway. Designers are inspired by character fashion and costumes enough to create original looks for the future. 

New fabrics, textures, shapes, colors, and cuts make their way into new clothing lines because fashion designers note the style displayed in movies and TV. 

The future of fashion, past threads, and the current state of fashion also inspire our sense of fashion. And that brings us to the last way movies and TV influence fashion. 

Unlock Personal Fashion Sense 

Whether it’s inspired by current, past, or future fashion, movie and TV roles carry a personal style to essentially complete the character. And their unique style often unlocks the personal fashion sense in all of us watching. 

How often do you look at an actress in a movie or TV show and say, “I love her outfit!” or “That outfit is so me!” If it’s often, you aren’t alone. Many times we’re inspired by the character’s fashion sense so much that we incorporate different aspects of it in our own. Or you’re encouraged to let the style maven in you loose in the world.  

You may not be Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, but you’re perfectly you, inner diva and all. 


Movies and TV influence fashion in a variety of ways. Each character’s fashion is a glimpse into their culture. Those same characters created costume culture, Comicon, and related events. Additionally, movies and TV replicate what’s current in fashion, reintroduce fashion from the past, and inspire new looks on the runway. 

But most importantly, movie and TV characters tend to have a solid personal fashion sense that often unlocks our own.